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Offshore Banking & Investment

Offshore Banking
International and offshore banking news. Understand more about how you can benefit from having an offshore bank account, what are the myths and truths of keeping your wealth offshore.

Offshore Savings and Investment
Introducing offshore saving and investment products, services and solutions for expatriates and showing expats how they can get better interest rates offshore

Offshore Asset Protection
Identifying offshore asset protection solutions for those who live, work, invest or own property abroad

Offshore Trusts
Explaining how offshore trusts are structured and how they can be utilised for offshore asset protection purposes for example

Offshore Business
Exploring offshore business matters such as offshore company incorporation and how to use an IBC

Offshore Tax Havens
Examining offshore tax havens, their regulatory environments, and the investment, saving and banking opportunities available therein

Expatriate Tax
Highlighting expatriate tax rules and regulations and helping those living abroad to understand their expatriate tax status

Living Abroad Guides

Expatriate Lifestyle
Exploring expatriate lifestyle topics in depth and discussing the realities of expat life abroad

Expatriate News
Keeping you up to date with expatriate related news stories and the latest advice and information for expats living abroad.

Living in Australia
If you’re interested in living in Australia you’ll find plenty of articles and advice on what expats can expect from a new life Down Under

Living in Belize
From the cost of living in Belize to what expatriate life is really like in this stunning Central American nation

Living in Bulgaria
Advice for anyone interested in living in Bulgaria, and discussing expatriate related topics for those who have already moved to Bulgaria

Living in Canada
Discussing everything important about living in Canada from visas to employment, from education to the expat lifestyle

Living in Cyprus
Examining expat life living in Cyprus and North Cyprus; discussing the similarities and differences between the two sides of this stunning Mediterranean island

Living in Dubai
The complete expat guide to living in Dubai, we strive to keep our guides right up to date, please add a comment at the bottom of individual articles if you are aware of any significant changes or if you would like to contribute any valuable information to our readers.

Living in France
Many Britons dream of living in France; we explore the realities of every aspect of expat life across the Channel

Living in Ireland
Exploring what it’s like living in Ireland as an expat. Discover the huge amount of lifestyle choices that Ireland has to offer.

Living in Italy
All you need to know about living in Italy and establishing a new life in this stunning European nation

Living in New Zealand
All research topics covered for those planning on living in New Zealand - including working, retirement and the cost of living

Living in Portugal
Exploring aspects of expat life for those living in Portugal

Living in Spain
The majority of British people still dream of living in Spain when they think about moving abroad, so we explain what expat life in Spain is really like

Living in Turkey
For expats interested in living in Turkey, we introduce all the elements they need to know in advance of relocation

Retirement Abroad
Lifestyle articles for anyone planning a retirement abroad as well as those who have already retired overseas

Working Abroad
From working abroad to finding jobs overseas, from starting your own international business to the practicalities of seeking and applying for work in another country.

Buying Property Abroad Guides

Buying Property Abroad
Keeping readers up to date with the latest property related news from around the world, and specifically focusing on buying property abroad safely

Featured Property Abroad
Featuring prestigious property developments and homes for sale around the world, and featuring new investment property hotspots and their associated buying processes

Property in Australia
Exploring the property market across Australia, identifying any real estate investment hotspots and examining the property buying process

Property in Belize
Looking at property for sale and rent in Belize, and discussing the purchase process and investment prospects

Property in Bulgaria
Examining whether buying property in Bulgaria is still a good investment choice, and exploring how expats can buy and own real estate

Property in Canada
Opening up Canada’s property market and real estate investment prospects for interested buyers and investors

Property in Dubai
Exploring the sometimes volatile, always exciting property market in Dubai: introducing foreign buyers to the real estate purchase process and property laws in the UAE

Property in France
Discussing all elements of buying a property in France – from where to buy to how much to spend

Property in Ireland
Detailing the highs and lows of Ireland’s property market for expats and real estate investors

Property in Italy
Examining the property for sale in Italy and explaining how buyers and investors can purchase a home or investment property safely

Property in New Zealand
Property in New Zealand is available for sale at prices to suit all budgets, but we show you where to buy which real estate and how the buying process works

Property in North Cyprus
Bringing you the truth about property in North Cyprus, why it can be an exceptional investment, and how to ensure you buy safely and get your title deeds

Property in Portugal
From the Algarve to the Silver Coast, from beachfront homes to investment golf properties, there are all sorts of property for sale in Portugal

Property in Spain
Exploring the ins and outs of buying and owning a property in Spain as an investment choice or as a home for life for example

Property in Turkey
Opening up the property market in Turkey for real estate investors and those seeking a new home in a stunning nation