Offshore Asset Protection

Identifying offshore asset protection solutions for those who live, work, invest or own property abroad

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Expat Wealth Management at Every Life Stage

Wealth management is all about making the very most of your money to specifically fulfil your life’s ambitions and your financial obligations. As we show, no matter what stage of life you are at, there are specific expat wealth management considerations you need to have in mind.

Warning Expat Life Insurance Could be Invalid

Many expats often fail to realise that their life insurance policy can become invalid when they move abroad, and they fail to address the fact that their change in lifestyle can affect the appropriateness of their life assurance policy – we detail how expats can get the right life cover in place quickly and easily, and why reviewing the cover you already have is now critical if you’ve moved abroad.

Expatriate Wealth Management

Explaining the concept of wealth management that’s specific and targeted for expatriates – covering every element one needs to consider for the protection and enhancement of fiscal status

Will the UK Ever Go as Far as America in Offshore Tax Clampdown?

America has forced Switzerland to give up details of Americans with Swiss bank accounts as it clamps down on its citizens’ freedom – is Britain going to copy the US in an offshore tax clampdown and rob us of our freedom too?

Is Offshore Asset Protection Advantage Being Eroded?

As the OECD and G20 put pressure on offshore financial centres to comply with tax information exchange agreements, many argue offshore asset protection is a thing of the past

Living Abroad Insurance Tips

Top insurance tips to help would-be expatriates moving to live abroad, and to guide those who have already made the move so that life is covered!

Will You Make a Will Before You Move Abroad?

With a totally free will making service available and one specifically available for expatriates, how can any expat fail to get their affairs in order when they move abroad?

How Can Expats Protect Their Income When Working Abroad?

A look at how expats can protect their income against anything from redundancy to illness and even death when living and working abroad

Where is an Expat’s Money Safest?

Once you physically move offshore and away from home, where is your money safest? Where should expats save their money for safety’s sake?

Can You Cut Corners and Costs With Critical Expat Insurance Cover?

Looking at whether expatriates can cut costs as well as corners when it comes to quickly finding the cheapest yet best insurance cover

Can Expats Escape Inheritance Tax by Moving Abroad?

Is it true that Britons can move abroad to some countries and avoid paying inheritance tax, or is that a myth touted by estate agents selling homes overseas?

Top 10 Expat Life Insurance Disasters

Taking a close look at the life insurance disasters many expatriates lay themselves open to and how to avoid life insurance problems and pitfalls

I’m Moving Abroad, Do I Need Life Insurance?

Are expats more in need of life insurance than their peers back home? And how much life cover does an individual expat need anyway?

Expat Guide to Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance? If so, how much can you get away with, how much will it cost, and how can you make sure you don’t under or over insure?

How Expats Can Save Money on Essential Insurances

Five top tips to save expats serious money on their essential insurances from international health insurance to home contents cover

Why Expats Shouldn’t Worry About the Financial Crisis

An explanation of the practical steps that expats can take to protect against negative financial situations so that they can enjoy life abroad

5 Disasters That Will Happen to Your Loved Ones if You Die Intestate

Looking at 5 very real disasters that can impact an expatriate’s family and loved ones if they die without making a will

Does a Trailing Spouse Need Life Insurance?

Looking at why stay at home partner’s lives should be correctly valued and life insurance should be in place to protect their family

U.S. Citizens Unattractive For Swiss Private Banking

U.S. offshore tax crackdown. Swiss banks are showing signs that U.S. Citizens no matter how wealthy they may be just aren't that appealing anymore

Expatriates Need to Plan Against UK Inheritance Tax

Britons at home and abroad are unnecessarily leaving their estate open to 2 billion pounds worth of inheritance tax every year

In Uncertain Times Should You Consider Investment In Gold?

Where should you invest today? With the markets in turmoil could investment into gold bullion be a good strategy?

Asset Protection Warning for High Net Worth Families

Warning high net worth individuals who’re not acting now to put asset protection plans in place for their family

Changes to the EU Savings Tax Directive Proposed

Unpopular EU Savings Tax Directive comes under fire by German government for not doing enough to prevent tax fraud

How to Avoid Offshore Asset Protection Scams

Detailing the most commonly encountered offshore asset protection scams and how to avoid them

Why You Need Offshore Asset Protection

Why greater numbers of us need to give our attention to asset protection and how offshore structures can help

Why We Recommend HSBC Bank International To Expatriates

Like you, at Shelter Offshore we take expatriate financial security very seriously.

HSBC bank International has over 40 years experience in helping individuals to protect and grow their wealth in the secure offshore jurisdiction of Jersey, one of the World's most respected and well regulated financial centres.

Along with a wide range of offshore services and products, they also offer expert advice to expats in key locations throughout the world.

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