Offshore Trusts

Explaining how offshore trusts are structured and how they can be utilised for offshore asset protection purposes for example

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Offshore Trusts – Definition and Application

What is an offshore trust, how can you use one, and how might you benefit from the establishment of a trust?

Offshore Trusts: Can You Really Trust Them?

Thought offshore trusts were hugely complex and inaccessible? Think again, you could benefit from privacy and tax advantages of trusts

Are Offshore Trusts Still Suitable for Expat IHT Planning?

Is an offshore trust the best tool for an expat to use to protect all their assets and ultimately their estate from inheritance tax liabilities?

Private Offshore Trust Company Benefits and Features

Examining private offshore trust companies, PTCs for short – and how they can benefit those with an offshore trust

Offshore Trusts in Bahamas and BVI

New legislation in the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands makes both tax havens more attractive for offshore trust business

Why We Recommend HSBC Bank International To Expatriates

Like you, at Shelter Offshore we take expatriate financial security very seriously.

HSBC bank International has over 40 years experience in helping individuals to protect and grow their wealth in the secure offshore jurisdiction of Jersey, one of the World's most respected and well regulated financial centres.

Along with a wide range of offshore services and products, they also offer expert advice to expats in key locations throughout the world.

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