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Highlighting expatriate tax rules and regulations and helping those living abroad to understand their expatriate tax status

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How it’s Legally Possible to Lead a Tax Free Life as a Digital Nomad

If you're free to live and work anywhere in the world you're a digital nomad, and you're free to establish tax residency in a tax-free nation. Here's how to do it.

British Taxpayers’ Guide to Passporting to Lower Taxes

Where can Britons, dissatisfied with the state of their nation, move to live abroad in Europe and pay less tax?

Will You be Badly Affected by Changes to UK Tax Residency Rules?

HMRC’s proposals for a statutory residency test to determine whether an expatriate needs to pay tax in the UK or not have been defined. The taxman now wants your opinion on whether the test is fair. We examine the proposals and how they may impact negatively on some British expats living abroad who like to visit the UK.

Where Can Expats Escape Abroad and Pay Less Tax?

You might think you’re over-taxed in the UK, but according to the OECD the UK’s taxes and take home pay for workers is about average – meaning that there are nations such as France and Belgium that will tax you more! So where in the world can you move to live abroad and pay less tax…

Expats Agree EU, UK & OECD Stifle Entrepreneurialism with Tax

We interviewed 25 Shelter Offshore readers who are working abroad to get their take on the news that a Swiss based company is set to become London’s largest ever float, and to discuss how tax competitiveness is important for the development of entrepreneurialism

Expat Tax Update: QROPS Changes, Increasing Taxes, Decreasing Privacy

We take a look at the closure of QROPS tax loopholes and how the EU and OECD want to increase tax and broaden the scope of exchange of information directives to further erode expatriate freedom and tax competitiveness

Statutory Definition of Residence Theoretically Good News for Expats

If all expats could be confident that rules relating to residency and non-residency were legally binding in the UK, it would make their tax situation easier...but what if the rules change for the worse?

Financial Reasons to Move Abroad & Offshore in 2011

We look at all the reasons why Britons are better off moving abroad and offshore in 2011 – including how you can save more money when you invest it offshore, legitimately avoid tax when you live in certain countries around the world, and how you can improve your life and your finances by moving to live overseas in 2011

Where Can Expats Live Abroad and Pay Less Tax?

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Would You Be Better Off Offshore?

Would you and your family be better off if you moved abroad, avoided the inevitable tax hikes coming Britain’s way, and made the most of the offshore advantages available to you once you expatriate?

Britain’s Bleak Black Hole of Debt

This week’s Budget in Britain is expected to be about pandering to the public in an effort to win votes – whereas the true state of the nation will only become clear in May following the General Election – expats watch with interest, whilst onshore Britons are forced to brace themselves for the worst

Our Government Says Theft is a Lesser Crime Than Tax Evasion

Did you know that in this country stealing personal data and then selling it on to profit from it is viewed as a lesser crime than avoiding taxation – I know it’s hard to believe but as you will see, it’s a fact!

Proud to be a British Peer But Don’t Make Me Pay UK Tax

At a time when up to 25,000 council jobs are under threat in the UK because of underfunding, it’s been revealed that there are people in power in Britain who have bent the rules relating to tax to help them avoid their tax obligations – is it time to leave this sinking ship of inequality?

Here We Go Again – Alleged Government Tax Crackdown on Expats

According to sensationalist headlines in the likes of the Sunday Times, British expats should all now be running scared from the taxman in the UK who’s likely to launch a crackdown on them

Can You Avoid the UK Income Tax Rate Increase Without Moving Abroad?

As the UK fast approaches the 6th of April and a new higher rate tax charge, we have teamed up with UK/US tax specialists Frank Hirth to discover what you can do to avoid the 50% income tax rate without having to move abroad

Spanish Succession Tax

Explaining why Spanish Succession Tax (SST) is a devastating tax very different to British Inheritance Tax – and how British expats living in Spain and international owners of Spanish property need to plan for it to avoid as much of it as they legally can!

What if 70% Tax Becomes a Reality for High Achievers in UK?

The pre-Budget Report is due out in the UK tomorrow and there’s talk tax will rise to an unpalatable 70% - experts warn a brain drain of unprecedented levels would follow…

What are the Benefits of Going Offshore for Expats?

Exploring and explaining the very real and straightforward reasons why expatriates should explore their offshore options

Do You Have to Leave UK to Avoid British Taxation

Are there ways tax residents in the UK can avoid British taxation on their income and assets without having to expatriate and go offshore?

Do Expatriates Escape Inheritance Tax by Living Abroad

Is it true that you can escape inheritance tax by going to live abroad in some countries where they do not levy estate or death tax? The answer is a big fat no!

Expatriate Tax Saving Advantages

For expatriates there are many potential tax saving benefits to going offshore, in this article we explore them all for you

Why Americans Shouldn’t Go Offshore

Explaining in no uncertain terms why Americans have absolutely no freedom of choice when it comes to the management of their wealth whether offshore or onshore

BBC’s Revelation: To Avoid UK Tax You Have to Emigrate

A dumb article on the BBC’s website aims to ‘educate’ people that they actually have to move abroad if they want to avoid paying tax in Britain! We look at the rules of non-residency and the taxes you avoid if you emigrate

Offshore Bank Accounts No Fines For the Innocent!

If you’re innocent of taxation avoidance, have made a mistake or been affected by exceptional circumstances and failed to pay tax on your offshore bank account you might not be fined by HMRC

Five Facts About HMRC’s Offshore Tax Amnesty

Five key facts about the NDO or tax amnesty from the British taxman to help you make sense of offshore tax obligations for Brits

Why You Need to Know About the Tax Amnesty

A detailed guide to the latest tax amnesty from HMRC for those with undeclared offshore bank accounts and offshore savings and investments

How Can British Entrepreneurs and High Earners Escape UK’s Taxation?

A guide for Britons wanting to escape the 50% tax rate, how to leave the UK and/or legitimately shield themselves, their business and their investments from tax

Expert Expat Tax Tips for the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a popular destination for professional expats, but the tax situation there is dire – unless you’re aware of a 30% tax discount that’s available for lucky expats!

Where in the World do Expats Pay Less Tax?

If you want to move abroad to earn more and pay less tax, we show you where to live overseas to make maximum financial gain

When Will You Sort Out Your Expat Will?

If nothing is inevitable except death and taxation, why do so few expats take any time to sort out wills and prevent their estate’s being hammered by IHT?

Where to Retire Abroad For Favourable Tax Treatment

Taking a look at where expats can save on tax when they retire abroad

How to Avoid Tax (Legitimately)

As everyone suffers as a result of the global financial crisis, we show you ways to help expats pay legitimately less tax!

Managing Your Expat Money Worries

How to get help and get to grips with any money worries you have when you’re an expat living abroad

Using Offshore Factoring To Cut Business Tax Bills

An introduction to the concept of offshore factoring; a way small businesses can sometimes legitimately reduce their tax bill and litigation exposure

Free Expat Financial Advice

A new financial guide has been produced specifically for those planning on living abroad or who have already expatriated – and it’s free!

When Does an Expatriate Become Non-Resident for UK Tax Purposes?

A detailed but straightforward analysis of when a Briton becomes an expatriate and loses their UK residency status for tax purposes

Expatriate Tax Advice if You’re Emigrating to Australia

An introductory guide to paying tax in Australia for Britons thinking about emigrating to live ‘down under’

Moving to Live in Canada, Need Expat Tax Help!

A guide to expatriate taxation issues in Canada for anyone thinking about moving to live and work in Canada

Expats Saving Tax and More Money Than Peers

Expats are wealthier and happier and they save more money and tax than their peers back home. More reasons to move abroad!

Expatriate Tax Saving and Living in Dubai

A guide to the taxes levied in Dubai and how expatriates living in Dubai can save and invest their tax free income wisely

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