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Exploring offshore business matters such as offshore company incorporation and how to use an IBC

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Legal Use of Offshore Companies Seminar

Leading offshore company and banking specialist Charles Farran, from Amanda J Molyneux and Company, is hosting a one-day seminar in central London to help attendees understand the legal use of offshore companies and bank account services, and how they could potentially benefit their own business development.

Offshore Company & Bank Accounts for Difficult to Place Business

If yours is the likes of a gaming or pharmaceuticals business frowned upon in the UK or in certain reputable offshore jurisdictions you may find it hard to operate your company. Fortunately Belize is the one offshore centre where legitimate yet difficult to place businesses can incorporate and bank.

UAE Offshore Company & Dubai Offshore Bank Account Available

A brand new, highly attractive, flexible and potentially tax-free offshore company and bank account package is available in the UAE with business banking through Barclays Bank in Dubai

New Confidential Offshore Company Structure & Bank Account Package

The erosion of privacy and confidentiality in the offshore business and financial marketplace has impacted on those legitimately seeking a secure international platform to do business and bank – one of our preferred partners has an offshore company and bank account solution that solves this dilemma

Low-Tax European Company With Guaranteed Bank Account

An onshore, European based company and bank account can be highly desirable for the operation of any company that has clients or suppliers in Europe – and companies established in Cyprus have the benefit of low company taxes and are now available with a guaranteed company bank account

Seychelles Offshore Company and Guaranteed Bank Account

Discussing the specific reasons why an offshore company established in the Seychelles and delivered with a guaranteed offshore bank account from a major European bank could be the ideal confidential yet flexible solution to your requirements

Dubai Becomes an Expat Investor’s Friend

The Dubai International Financial Centre is seemingly becoming a real player in terms of offering expats an offshore haven of repute

Offshore Company Formation Guide

A guide to setting up companies offshore and the main reasons that people have for doing so.

Why We Recommend HSBC Bank International To Expatriates

Like you, at Shelter Offshore we take expatriate financial security very seriously.

HSBC bank International has over 40 years experience in helping individuals to protect and grow their wealth in the secure offshore jurisdiction of Jersey, one of the World's most respected and well regulated financial centres.

Along with a wide range of offshore services and products, they also offer expert advice to expats in key locations throughout the world.

For more info about HSBC Bank International's offshore services click here!