Property in North Cyprus

Bringing you the truth about property in North Cyprus, why it can be an exceptional investment, and how to ensure you buy safely and get your title deeds

Update on the Cyprus Property Market

Taking a look at how the property markets in Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus have fared to date and the forecasts for the future

Update on the Cyprus Property MarketNapoleon Hill, the author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ was once quoted as saying “opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat”.  The property market in Cyprus would seem to reflect these words!

Between 2003 – 2007 property prices in Cyprus increased an impressive 65% according to data from the Central Bank of Cyprus, but 2008 saw falls of up to 25% on some properties.  There was also a drop of 27.9% on the number of sales completed between January to November 2008 compared to the same period in 2007, and a 60.5% decline in November 2008 alone. 

A 2008 survey of 20 Cypriot developers carried out by StockWatch shows that 16 of the 20 are expecting further property price falls in 2009, and a number reported no sales at all in 2008!  So does this mean that it is all doom and gloom for Brits who are in the Cyprus property market or who are considering buying a home in Cyprus?  In this update on the Cyprus property market we concentrate mainly on the figures and statistics from the south of the island…

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Why Property in Cyprus will Avoid the Credit Crunch

Looking at why the property market in Cyprus has compelling reasons supporting its continued health

Cheap Properties in North Cyprus

How do you find the cheapest properties in North Cyprus? Valuable tips to help you save money on property in North Cyprus.

Update on the Property Market in Cyprus

News from the property market in South Cyprus where the euro effect, taxation and rental laws are under the microscope

Why Buy ‘Risky’ Property in North Cyprus

If you’re wondering why anyone would be ‘mad’ enough to buy North Cyprus property, discover the reasons for their purchases

North Cyprus: Poised to be Europe’s Number 1 Property Market?

Forbes magazine placed Cyprus as the second most affluent market in Europe, but could North Cyprus become number 1 in 2008?

Good News for Cyprus Property Markets

The imminent resolution of talks for the reunification of Cyprus and the proposed opening of Ledra Street are in the news

Window of Opportunity to Buy Property in Northern Cyprus

Property in North Cyprus will be boosted in price and popularity by election of new president in South Cyprus

5 Top Tips for Finding Property in North Cyprus

How to safely and effectively invest in property in North Cyprus for long term profit potential

Property Buying Process North Cyprus Update

Providing would-be buyers of property in North Cyprus an update to the real estate buying process

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