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Selling Property at a Loss to Finance New Life Abroad

Would you consider selling your UK property at a loss to finance your new life abroad? Many expats already have, but just how much of a financial sacrifice is sensible to enable you to move abroad?

How much would you be willing to sacrifice in order to finance your new life abroad?  A fascinating thread on the BritishExpats.com forum informed us about what Britons are willing to do to enable their dream of a new life overseas.

The forum thread in question is related to living in Canada, and the original post is all about how much fellow forum members potentially lost on property sales in the UK in order to fund their new life abroad.

There’s a discussion about whether you can really say you ‘lost’ money when it’s only accrued equity, but the bottom line is that most members were comfortable with any losses, (real or perceived), because ultimately they were living their dream life in Canada as a result of selling up in Britain.  So, would you sell your property in the UK at a loss to finance your new life abroad?  It’s an interesting question.  Let’s look at the arguments for and against cutting your losses to enable a new chapter in life.

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How Cheaply Can You Buy a Decent New Home Abroad?

Many of us have a dream of a new life abroad, but is it really an affordable aspiration? With our cheap property suggestions you’ll realise you can move abroad sooner rather than later.

It’s all very well having a dream of a new life abroad – but actually making the dream come true requires massive determination and commitment, and a certain amount of cash too!

The latter is probably the main reason why most of us put off our expatriation to pastures new – but at Shelter Offshore we’re in the business of enabling, hence our report today into how cheaply you can potentially buy a decent new home abroad.

We always advocate that newly arrived expats should rent property abroad when they first arrive, but ultimately we’re also aware that many people would like to buy a home overseas one day…so, if you really want to move overseas and start a new life, where can you afford to make your home?

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Positive Predictions for Abu Dhabi Property Market

Hamptons International have provided Shelter Offshore with their review of the property market conditions in the UAE’s Abu Dhabi where the real estate landscape is perhaps more stable for investment than in Dubai

A Guide to Buying Property in MexicoThere has always been an imbalance between demand and supply in Abu Dhabi’s residential property market, which inevitably leads to high rents.  This had long been the case until 2009 when the trend reversed, demand dropped and the rents declined.

Abu Dhabi is not alone in experiencing this trend; in fact it’s a story familiar in cities around the world following the global economic downturn.  However Abu Dhabi properties still remain at a premium in comparison with neighbouring Dubai properties with the average rental cost of a two bedroom apartment being AED 150,000 versus AED 120, 000 in Dubai.

However, after analysis of data, the market seems to be stabilising with only small rent decreases during the first quarter of 2010.  This could be attributed to varying factors such as the continued investment in infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi, new houses for sale and the new lower interest rate (minimum of 5.5%) being offered by Abu Dhabi Finance on mortgages.

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Reluctant Landlords Can Rent UK Property to Escape for New Life Abroad

Renting out your UK home could allow you to cover any mortgage debts on it and free you up to find a new life abroad in your own time with no monetary pressure hanging over you

Reluctant Landlords Can Rent UK Property to Escape for New Life AbroadYesterday we talked about how you could save yourself thousands of pounds by selling your UK home yourself, cutting out the estate agent middle man with all his fees, and using the savings you make in the form of these fees to fund your new life abroad.

But we also touched upon the fact that selling a property in a downturn and by yourself can be tough, and it might not be the right or best decision for you at this point in time.  However, if you don’t sell, this of course leaves you with a dilemma about what to do with your property in the UK when really you want to live overseas.

In this report we’re going to show you how you could become one of an increasing number of so-called ‘reluctant landlords’ who can rent out your UK property instead, to allow you to escape to your new life abroad…

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How to Save Yourself Enough Money to Move Abroad

Moving abroad can costs thousands of pounds, but by selling your UK home yourself with our step by step guide, you could easily save yourself the money necessary to fund your new life abroad!

How to Save Yourself Enough Money to Move AbroadThere is a very simple decision that you can make that could save you thousands of pounds – so much money in fact, that you can use the savings to pay for your move abroad in luxurious style!

The decision is to sell your British home yourself, rather than employ the services of an estate agent.  And if you think that’s going to be a long hard road, think again.  The fact of the matter is, when you sell your home yourself you have the control.  You have control over the marketing, the asking price, the completion date…and you ultimately have control over the purse strings.

Moving home costs money, and moving abroad can cost you thousands when you factor in needing to get visas, flight tickets, ship your goods and find a place to stay or rent upon arrival.  Therefore, the fact that you can save up to £3,500 on the sale of a £150,000 house if you decide to sell it yourself, should be proof enough that sacking the estate agent is how to save yourself enough money to move abroad!

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Property in the Eurozone Makes British Owners Wealthy

According to research data from a leading British investments group, over the long-term property in the Eurozone is making British owners wealthy

Property in the Eurozone Make British Owners WealthyAccording to the Financial Times, if you’re the proud owner of a property in the Eurozone group of nations, not only might you have seen your home rise in value significantly since 2005, but the rise in the value of the euro compared to the pound recently will have seen you reap significant rewards from just owning your holiday home in the sun.

When the world’s property markets began to take a hammering and a nosedive just as the real estate price rise bubble burst in Britain, so it was thought by many that those who had perhaps over extended themselves by buying abroad would now regret their decision to purchase a home overseas.  However, it may just be that those Britons with homes abroad are laughing all the way to the bank as the real value of their properties has risen.

Property in the eurozone could well be making British owners wealthy as the value of properties has risen significantly in some countries such as Italy and Spain, (yes Spain), tourism numbers are on the increase again in certain destinations and because the euro is still riding in its strong position against the pound…so, is it too late for the rest of us to cash in, and what about if you have a property abroad and you want to release its value?

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8 Tips for Selling Your UK Property and Escaping Abroad

If you want to sell your property in the UK in order to escape overseas and live out your dream of a new life abroad, here’s how to get your home on the market and flogged in a flash!

8 Tips for Selling Your UK Property and Escaping AbroadAn article published in the Telegraph yesterday highlights the growing trend of baby-boomers who are opting to sell up in the UK and ship out in search of a new and exciting life abroad.  Not ones to sell and swap their UK lifestyle for similar on the Costa del Somewhere in Spain, these Britons want to get the most out of their UK home in value terms and cash in for fun overseas.

The Telegraph article focused on one couple who are in the process of selling a farm in the UK to ship out to Australia where they plan on buying a camper van and touring round like “two old hippies for a bit…”  If you’re thinking of doing something similar, i.e., selling up and getting out of the UK and your current life and going in search of a better life abroad, this article could prove very valuable indeed!

We have the top 8 tips for selling your UK property and escaping abroad so that you can get your British home sold well and put the equity in your pocket to fuel your dreams of a new life abroad.

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Where Can You Buy Affordable and Profitable Ski Property Abroad

Is it still possible to find an affordable property in a popular ski location that you can rent out and profit from or sit on whilst it appreciates in value?

Where Can You Buy Affordable and Profitable Ski Property AbroadThere will always be a wealthy element of society who can afford to have a winter skiing break as well as a summer sunshine holiday!  What’s more, increasing numbers of us want to get away at any cost and are finding that a holiday abroad is a relief from the strain of everyday life. 

What this means is that there is still demand for holiday property abroad – and that includes homes in the sun and on the piste.  We recently examined where you could buy affordable property abroad and focused on markets where there is strong demand for summer sunshine breaks – but where can you buy affordable and profitable ski property abroad?

Well, if you’re looking for somewhere to buy a ski property that you can enjoy with your family and friends, or you’d like to purchase an investment property in a popular winter sports destination, we have some suggestions of properties for sale, and locations for you.

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Buying Property Abroad in the Sun on a Budget

Where can you buy a lovely holiday home in the sun on a budget these days of a weak pound and no property financing? We’ve been abroad to find you a cheap place in the sun!

Buying Property Abroad in the Sun on a BudgetAt this time of year in the UK when the nights draw in, the temperatures drop, it’s foggy, there are no leaves on the trees and everything appears dull and grey and cold, there’s one thing that stops many of us from going completely crazy and that’s the thought of next year’s summer holiday!

For some people an annual holiday in the sun just isn’t enough however, and they long for a holiday home overseas in a sunny spot that they can travel to whenever the whim takes them or whenever life commitments will allow.

Of course, the depressing thought of winter in UK is being compounded by the depression we’re all fighting off that’s been brought upon us by the recession.  It’s eroding our spending power and restricting our lives and choices.  However, to cheer us all up, we thought we’d go and see if it was still possible to buy property abroad in the sun – but on a budget.  We hope you’ll be pleased by what we’ve found for you!

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Furnishing Your Overseas Property – Problems and Solutions

Having purchased your dream home abroad or your investment property overseas, the real fun begins when you have to furnish it from scratch to meet your budget and your deadline! Here’s how to do it…

Furnishing Your Overseas Property – Problems and SolutionsYou’ve completed the massive undertaking and purchased the overseas property you have always dreamed of - but now comes the task of furnishing it! 

Unless you have had previous experience of setting up an overseas property, most of us are unlikely to have furnished a complete home from scratch ever in our lives (because even as students we probably begged, borrowed or stole most of which filled our tiny dorm rooms!)

So in this article we’re going to consider the problems that can arise when furnishing your overseas property and we’re going to suggest solutions; so whether the property is for your own use or for rental purposes this article should prove invaluable.

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