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Legal Use of Offshore Companies Seminar

Leading offshore company and banking specialist Charles Farran, from Amanda J Molyneux and Company, is hosting a one-day seminar in central London to help attendees understand the legal use of offshore companies and bank account services, and how they could potentially benefit their own business development.

Charles Farran from Amanda J Molyneux and Company, experts in offshore company formation and preferred partners of ours at Shelter Offshore, is hosting a seminar entitled ‘the legal use of offshore companies’ in central London next week.  Shelter Offshore readers who would like to attend will be most welcome, and we have 25 pairs of free tickets to give away.

The event will take place on the 29th of June at the VSC in London (W2 2HF) between 2pm and 5pm, and this will leave plenty of time for you to ask your own personal and confidential questions of Charles in person.

The topics covered are detailed below, but include how you can legitimately and confidently use an offshore company structure to enhance, enable and advance your own business.

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Offshore Company & Bank Accounts for Difficult to Place Business

If yours is the likes of a gaming or pharmaceuticals business frowned upon in the UK or in certain reputable offshore jurisdictions you may find it hard to operate your company. Fortunately Belize is the one offshore centre where legitimate yet difficult to place businesses can incorporate and bank.

Offshore Company & Bank Accounts for Difficult to Place Business In the past those who have quite legitimately attempted to run the likes of gaming or pharmaceuticals companies have found it incredibly hard to get company formation and bank account solutions.  The prejudices such companies face regularly makes it difficult for them to effectively run the financial side of their business, and as a result some look offshore for help.

However, favourable and respected jurisdictions such as the Seychelles can also err on the side of over-caution when it comes to such types of so-called ‘difficult to place’ businesses, and as a result companies can be crippled and restricted. 

The good news is that a respected provider of offshore solutions has recently managed to negotiate the creation of a perfectly suitable structure for these types of businesses.  So, for those who are legitimately involved in the legal side of the adult, gaming or pharmaceuticals industry, read on to learn how your business could finally operate with confidentiality offshore.

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UAE Offshore Company & Dubai Offshore Bank Account Available

A brand new, highly attractive, flexible and potentially tax-free offshore company and bank account package is available in the UAE with business banking through Barclays Bank in Dubai

UAE Offshore Company & Dubai Offshore Bank Account AvailableA brand new and highly versatile, secure and tax enhanced offshore company and bank account package is now available to all qualifying Shelter Offshore readers looking for a UAE offshore company together with an offshore bank account in Dubai.  What’s more, you don’t have to be present in Dubai or the UAE to establish this extremely flexible package.

If you’re looking for 100% foreign ownership of a UAE offshore company, you want to bank with a leading global institution and have your account based in Dubai, you want potential asset protection benefits, 24/7 access to account funds and no requirement to file accounts, this package could be ideal for you.

This is a bespoke and unique package offered by a third party company to Shelter Offshore, and its suitability for you can be discussed with an offshore company formation expert in case you’re in any doubt about this package’s appropriateness for you.  Read on to learn about the features and benefits of the company and the bank account, and to find out how you can apply.

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New Confidential Offshore Company Structure & Bank Account Package

The erosion of privacy and confidentiality in the offshore business and financial marketplace has impacted on those legitimately seeking a secure international platform to do business and bank – one of our preferred partners has an offshore company and bank account solution that solves this dilemma

New Confidential Offshore Company Structure & Bank Account PackageThe confidentiality, privacy and therefore the effectiveness of offshore company structures and bank accounts has been slowly but surely eroded by various EU directives and the general changing of international policy relating to the offshore industry in general.

Internationally speaking, the intension behind the erosion of privacy and confidentiality is alleged to be the prevention of terrorism; and within the EU there has been intense focus placed on the curtailment of unfair tax advantages previously potentially obtainable offshore.  However, the bottom line is that offshore IBCs and bank accounts have become far less beneficial than they once were for all those legitimate individuals and companies seeking genuine international advantage from placing their business and banking offshore.

The good news is that one of our preferred partners is now able to offer a new, confidential offshore company structure and guaranteed offshore bank account package to qualifying and interested parties, and they claim that: “This new structure is designed to give maximum protection and confidentiality to our clients, and offer a form of protection previously unavailable from the offshore industry.”  To learn more about the structure and apply, read on – but please do note, this structure does not provide protection for those who would seek to use it for any illegal purpose including money laundering or tax evasion, and Shelter Offshore does not support, condone or promote such illegal practices.

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Low-Tax European Company With Guaranteed Bank Account

An onshore, European based company and bank account can be highly desirable for the operation of any company that has clients or suppliers in Europe – and companies established in Cyprus have the benefit of low company taxes and are now available with a guaranteed company bank account

Low-Tax European Company With Guaranteed Bank AccountThe term ‘low-tax’ is seldom used in conjunction with any non-offshore European jurisdiction – and yet having a company based and operational from within the European Union is highly desirable for many reasons and for many businesses.  For example, if you deal with clients, distributors, suppliers or resellers in Europe, they will prefer to be billed by or invoice a European company.

This leaves many in the position where they feel they need to bring operations onshore to Europe, but they are wary of the high corporate taxation structure generally in place across the entire EU.  However, did you know that there is one particular and distinctive EU jurisdiction where they have made it their business to remain competitive to international business, in a bid to diversify their economic reliance away from simply tourism for example – we’re talking about Cyprus! 

This means that thanks to our superior contacts at Shelter Offshore and the fact that Cyprus companies pay low rates of business tax, low-tax European company formation is now possible, and you can purchase a company with a guaranteed bank account without even having to set foot on the island or within Europe…

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Seychelles Offshore Company and Guaranteed Bank Account

Discussing the specific reasons why an offshore company established in the Seychelles and delivered with a guaranteed offshore bank account from a major European bank could be the ideal confidential yet flexible solution to your requirements

Seychelles Offshore Company and Guaranteed Bank AccountWe’ve just introduced you to the concept of an instant offshore bank account – and I am pretty sure there are those of you who will require significantly more information before you can determine whether this is the right solution for your current requirements.  Therefore, we’ve decided to go into more depth about the package available…

The Seychelles offshore company and guaranteed offshore bank account solution available – either off the shelf and same day, or bespoke according to your naming requirements – is robust and scalable.  What’s more, it’s available from an onshore located specialist in international company formation and bank account establishment, not some dodgy, seedy and probably illegal operation being run from a less than transparent office set up somewhere in the cyber world.

In this article we’ll discuss the simplest package available – and in a subsequent article we’ll go more in depth with the scalability of solutions available to bring in greater flexibility for international trading and increased privacy and security options for example.

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Dubai Becomes an Expat Investor’s Friend

The Dubai International Financial Centre is seemingly becoming a real player in terms of offering expats an offshore haven of repute

The government in Dubai has stated its intention that the Dubai International Financial Centre become a major regional player in financial markets, and to that end they have been working to ensure regulation is adapted and adopted as required to facilitate those who do business through DIFC.

Dubai is becoming an expat businessperson and investor’s friend as a result, and the latest regulations to have been passed relate specifically to Special Purpose Companies.  The regulations passed allow for a format to exist for the formation of these companies so that Dubai can directly compete with other offshore jurisdictions that allow for the formation of these vehicles.

According to the Sovereign Group, the new regulations allow individuals to create Special Purpose Companies for “facilitating both Islamic and conventional transactions, as well as vessel registrations” for example.  And the real significance of the governmental regulation implementation in our opinion is that it is clearly committed to ensuring that those who are operational through DIFC are completely assisted and facilitated so that the centre becomes a real player.

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Offshore Company Formation Guide

A guide to setting up companies offshore and the main reasons that people have for doing so.

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