Living in Italy

All you need to know about living in Italy and establishing a new life in this stunning European nation

Designer Chauvinism: Life as a Professional Expatriate Woman in Italy

Any professional expatriate woman living and working in Italy will have to get used to massive discrimination on all levels

Women in Italy

No matter where you move to in the world, you will come across all sorts of cultural differences and challenges.  In a way that’s a part of the appeal of becoming an expatriate – i.e., you get to experience new countries and cultures up close and personal, and in a way that tourists never can. 

However, for expatriate women moving to live in Italy, discovering that sexism is crippling the nation can be an unpleasant introduction to their ‘dream’ new life abroad.  The extreme subjugation of women in the workplace is particularly shocking. 

As a professional woman seeking employment in Italy you needn’t worry about smashing through the glass ceiling, because if you even get a foot in the door you’ll be lucky.  But are changes afoot?  Can expatriate women help lead their Italian sisters to a life beyond Berlusconi and his national network of dirty old men?

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Living in Rome: a Great Place to Start Living in Italy!

If you want to move abroad and live in a beautiful, classic, historic and yet vibrant city, consider Rome – it is a great city for young expatriates to begin living and working overseas

Living in Rome: a Great Place to Start Living in ItalyRome is possibly one of the most exciting places to live in Europe.  Yes, Paris is fabulous, London is lively and Barcelona is a Mecca for the young and the beautiful, but Rome offers an inimitable blend of history, art, culture, life and opportunity.  As a result it’s a fantastic place to start living in Italy…

…and what I mean by that is that many people begin life as an expat in Italy by living in Rome, but after they have explored the delights of the city and learned the Italian ways, they spread their wings and go on to make a more permanent home for themselves elsewhere in Italy, where the pace of life is perhaps even more laid back!

If you’re young, free and single and you want to spread your wings abroad and find exciting opportunities aplenty, I would strongly suggest that Rome is an exceptionally good place to start.  Whilst the city boasts thousands of ancient relics and monuments, it has a young heart – and whilst the attitude to life in Rome is very laid back, the pace of your social life at least may feel quite frenetic!

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Living Abroad in Italy Guide

A review of Living Abroad in Italy, a fantastic guide book for would-be expatriates thinking about going to retire or live and work in Italy

Living Abroad in Italy GuideOf all the Moon Living Abroad books, Living Abroad in Italy has to be my personal favourite – perhaps that’s because I have a passion for Italy, perhaps it’s because it’s such an incredibly well written book, penned by a first grade author who shares my passion for Italy!

John Moretti is an American by birth, but now, having lived in Italy since 1999 he is practically a local!  He has embraced everything about Italian life – the good, the bad, the history, the traditions and the language, which is why he is best placed to write this thoroughly well researched, yet vibrant book about starting a brand new life in Italy.

Yes there are other ‘living abroad’ titles that cover Italy, but Living Abroad in Italy by John Moretti as published by Moon, is probably the best of the bunch by about a mile!  If you’re interested in taking an extended vacation in Italy or indeed, moving to live there for the long-term, we recommend you pick up this title.

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Setting Up a Business and Being Self-Employed in Italy

A guide to becoming self-employed and establishing a brand new business in Italy for expats who want to make Italy home

Setting Up a Business and Being Self-Employed in ItalyOne of the things holding back some Britons from moving abroad to realise their dream of a new life in Italy, is the fact that it can be very hard for non-Italian speakers to find a job and earn an income.

Many people know that they will be able to improve their Italian once they are living in Italy, but wonder what they can do in the meantime to earn an income.  Well, the good news is that there are of course options.

So, if you dream of living in Italy and want to move sooner rather than later, here’s all you need to know about setting up a business and becoming self-employed in Italy.

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Important Advice for Brits Retiring to Italy

Some top tips and critical considerations for those Britons retiring to live in Italy

Important Advice for Brits Retiring to ItalyThere are reportedly over 30,000 British retirees living in Italy – and who can blame them!  Imagine retiring to bask in the glorious countryside of Italy where you’re surrounded by spectacular views and enveloped in an ideal climate, where you can eat and drink the very best food and wine in the world, and enjoy a culture so steeped in tradition and history to be truly fascinating.

If the thought of making Italy home in retirement also appeals to you, here’s some important advice for Brits retiring to Italy.

In this article we will cover everything from your pension income to fluctuating exchange rates, and from making wills to making sure you keep in touch with friends and family.

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Preparing to Move to Italy

A practical and detailed guide to planning a complete relocation from the UK to Italy with a timeline guide and a top 10 list

Preparing to Move to ItalyWith inflation in the UK having now risen 5.2% compared to just one year ago, that’s just one more reason to think about expatriating and going in search of a new and better life abroad!  According to the BBC’s research, up to 26,000 Britons below retirement age have chosen Italy as their full time new home, and up to 33,000 retirees from the UK have relocated to Italy.

With an excellent climate, stunning natural scenery, fabulous cuisine, fascinating history and culture and some of the most friendly, passionate and welcoming people in the world, it’s easy to see why Italy is such an incredible draw.  And whilst relocating to live in Italy can be a hearty challenge, the rewards you’ll immediately realise will make the move a very positive one for the vast majority of people who will quickly appreciate the benefits of an improved lifestyle.

In this article we’ll look at preparing to move to Italy, we’ll cover everything from a six-month count down to removal day to planning ahead, learning the language and coping with the climate.

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Relationship Between Education, University and Jobs in Italy

Examining the OECD Education at a Glance report and looking at it in the context of Italy’s schools, universities and job marketplace

Working and Doing Business When Living in Italy

What you need to know if you want to work or get into business in Italy and get ahead

Preparing to Retire to Italy

What you can practically do now to ensure you're ready for a move to live in Italy when you retire.

Enjoying Retail Therapy and Shopping in Italy

Discussing one of the perks of living in Italy - namely indulging in Italian retail therapy and browsing the shop

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