Living in Ireland

Exploring what it’s like living in Ireland as an expat. Discover the huge amount of lifestyle choices that Ireland has to offer.

Ireland is no Greece, the Celtic Tiger Will be Back

Ireland learned lessons from its economic collapse and is rebuilding, you could profit from a move to Ireland

Economic recovery

It’s wholly unfair that the Irish economy is still being compared to the economy in Greece, and it would be equally unfair to compare the Irish people’s attitude to the prevailing attitude in Europe at the moment.  To suggest that Ireland has become a desperate and depressed nation would-be to misunderstand the Irish people comprehensively!

If you’d previously considered relocation to Ireland but had been put off by the nation’s economic crisis, it’s definitely time to re-evaluate an Ireland you may have misjudged.  Ireland has everything it needs and more to recover from its grave fiscal mistakes.  But while many sit in judgment with a ‘let’s wait and see shall we’ attitude, you could take the opportunity to get well ahead in establishing your new life and business in Ireland.

In this report we’ll explain why Ireland is no Greece…or Spain or Portugal…and why not only will the Celtic Tiger roar again, it’ll come back with a more effective bite.  However, there’s one caveat to this statement – and that’s ‘as long as the EU doesn’t stifle Ireland’s chances by forcing more cuts and increased taxes upon it…’

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Has the Cost of Living in Ireland Dropped Since the Recession

Is it any cheaper to go and live in Ireland now that their property bubble has burst and the recession has bitten? We look at the cost of living and inflation in Ireland today.

Has the Cost of Living in Ireland Dropped Since the RecessionAs we learn that the rate of inflation in the UK is twice that of other western countries, it’s time to ask whether the cost of living in Ireland has gone down at all since the recession there.  After all, Ireland uses the euro, a currency that’s being hit hard because of Greece, it has fallen out of favour with a lot of international companies, and demand for commercial property has fallen off…

So, is it now cheaper to live in Ireland than the UK, is it a nation worth considering if you want to expatriate but you don’t want to go too far from home, or is it too dogged with high inflation and an expensive cost of living?

In relative terms the cost of living in Ireland’s main and most popular city of Dublin was massive in recent years, and it made it hard to find common ground in terms of evaluating what it would cost someone relocating to the emerald isle because elsewhere in the country the cost of living was far, far cheaper…so it’s time to revisit and see what’s changed.

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Tax Changes for Irish Expats and Those Living in Ireland

Taking a close look at significant tax changes proposed in Ireland and how they affect Irish expats and those from overseas who are living and working in Ireland

Tax Changes for Irish Expats and Those Living in IrelandA series of significant taxation changes have been proposed in the latest Irish Commission on Taxation report.  The report is produced ahead of the next Budget in Ireland in December, by which time the Minister of Finance will have decided upon which proposals to implement, which to amend and which to dismiss.

The tax changes proposed in the Commission on Taxation for Irish expats as well as those living in Ireland are really quite significant and may well affect Ireland’s considered standing as a low taxation nation in which to live and work for example.  However, there are a couple of very positive proposals that might benefit the construction sector and the overall housing market in Ireland…so it’s not all bad news.

In this report we’ll discuss some of the most significant tax change proposals that may well affect you if you’re an Irish citizen residing abroad, or an expatriate living and working, earning your income and paying taxes in Ireland.  Additionally, if you’re an owner of property in Ireland or you want to enter the market, the proposed tax changes affecting the construction industry will be explored as well.

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Live in Ireland to Escape Climate Change

A tongue in cheek look at why we’re better off living in Ireland if we want to escape climate change

The Cost of Living in Ireland

Here we are harping on about the cost of living in Ireland when really we should focus on the value!

What Are Your Working Rights in Ireland

Discussing your rights as a foreign employee living and working in Ireland - such as minimum pay and holiday entitlement

Jobs in Ireland and Irish Work Permits

Taking a look at living and working in Ireland, the work permits required and how to find Irish jobs.

Pros and Cons of Living in Ireland

What is it that makes Ireland an excellent place to expatriate and are there any downsides?

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