Living in Bulgaria

Advice for anyone interested in living in Bulgaria, and discussing expatriate related topics for those who have already moved to Bulgaria

The Highs and Lows of Starting a New Life in Bulgaria

Thinking of starting a new life in Bulgaria? We cover the pros and many cons of expatriate life in Bulgaria!

Living in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a funny country – it seems to have an almost equal number of happy and disaffected British expatriates!  We’re basing our opinions on the feedback we’ve directly received over the years, and also on what we regularly read on dedicated forums.

You see, Bulgaria was a nation massively over-sold in terms of its appeal prior to and immediately following EU accession, and this resulted in a small wave of immigration - particularly from the UK and Ireland.  Many of those who arrived on the back of the positive promotion of the nation’s benefits at the time, (and its particularly cheap property prices), have subsequently fallen out of love with their dream.  Possibly because their dream had no basis in reality in the first place.

Others who have taken perhaps a more considered approach to relocation, who have spent time getting to know Bulgaria for themselves before relocation, and who have subsequently made a better informed decision to relocate have seemingly adjusted well to what is an undoubtedly very beautiful country, but one that doesn’t always live up to its hype.  The benefit of having two such divided camps of opinion is that we can bring you both the positive and negative aspects of living in Bulgaria.

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How to Make a Living in Bulgaria

How to make a living when you move abroad to relocate in Bulgaria. Discussing jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for Brits in Bulgaria

How to Make a Living in BulgariaThe one thing holding back some would-be expatriates is the thought of how they’re going to make a living once they move abroad.  In a country such as Bulgaria this concern is intensified, because it doesn’t have the level of international placements that a country such as France or Germany can support for example.

So, in this guide to how to make a living in Bulgaria, we’ll cover the options and angles that would-be expatriates can consider.  Naturally your options are improved if you speak Bulgarian, but don’t panic if you can’t because the door to entry and employment is not closed to you.

From speaking to expats who have already made the move, to looking at the types of jobs currently being marketed in Bulgaria, we’ve drawn up a pretty comprehensive overview of how you can go and live in Bulgaria and make a living.

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Living in Rural Bulgaria and Making a Life

With properties costing less than the price of a car and the lifestyle laidback, why not live in rural Bulgaria

The Downside of Living in Bulgaria

Examining the opinions of a local Bulgarian about reasons not to live in Bulgaria – especially in the winter!

Living in Bulgaria, Traditions and Customs

What expats can expect from life in Bulgaria in the form of a traditional cultural experience

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