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Learn from Recent Global Financial Issues Before Moving Abroad

Anyone looking for a new nation to call home needs to look beyond potentially positive economic indicators as nowhere has really been immune from the global financial fall out, rather expats are urged to bank on themselves when dreaming of a successful new life abroad.

Just four short years ago the global fiscal landscape was very different to that which we gaze upon today!  Banks were apparently booming, they were still happy to lend, the pound was still relatively strong, and people’s dreams of owning investment property abroad and of retiring in style to the sun were apparently eminently achievable.

And then reality bit!  Since then we have seen financial institutions reach the point of bankruptcy, we’ve witnessed governments print money in a desperate bid to save their economies, (a.k.a., quantitative easing), we’ve had economies downgraded, billion dollar bailouts of nations implemented…and for the average man and woman on the street it has meant a definite and negative personal fiscal adjustment in many cases.

However, in spite of this generally negative overview, there have been nations that have seemingly avoided the worst of the economic fallout, and which have been trading on their positive economic positions.  Countries such as Australia, Canada and Turkey have become attractive expat destination considerations as a result…however, we would urge all would-be expats to learn from the recent global financial issues before moving anywhere overseas, as nowhere is immune from fiscal woes.

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Why Fewer Britons are Moving to Live Abroad

New findings from the Office for National Statistics reveal that fewer Britons are moving abroad – so we got back in touch with would-be expat readers to see whether their plans for relocation overseas have changed, and if so why. Read on to discover why fewer Britons are emigrating…

The Office for National Statistics in the UK has produced its latest International Passenger Survey, which is a survey they conduct on a random sample of passengers who are entering and leaving the UK by air, sea or the Channel Tunnel. Data from the survey is used to, among other things, estimate the numbers and characteristics of migrants into and out of the UK.

Over a quarter of million face-to-face interviews are carried out each year with passengers entering and leaving the UK, and the latest detailed figures from the survey show that 310,000 people left Britain to live abroad in the 12 months to September 2010, which is 50,000 down on the previous year and well down from the peak of recent migration which was seen in 2008 when 409,000 left to live abroad, mainly in Australia and Spain.

So why are fewer Britons moving to live abroad?  We decided to get back in touch with a sample of 50 readers who had contacted us over the last eighteen months advising Shelter Offshore that they were in the planning stages of relocation.  We asked them whether their plans had come to fruition or changed, and if they hadn’t moved abroad, what was holding them back…

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HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2011 Needs You!

The most expansive expatriate survey is back and it wants to hear from you. If you’re living abroad then HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey will benefit from your time and effort in filling it in and providing data about your life as an expatriate living overseas – what’s more, fellow expats and would-be expats will benefit from the final findings that reveal where the best places to live abroad are for lifestyle, families and finances

Unarguably the best, most expansive expat survey is back!  HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey is up online and it’s waiting for you to fill it in.  The survey’s findings are always fascinating, and they really help other expats realise that they are not alone with any hurdles they’ve encountered in terms of integration, and they are certainly not alone in terms of loving their new life abroad!

The survey is fairly long-winded however, and it does require a certain amount of commitment from all respondents – so take an extended tea break before you sit down to submit your answers because you don’t want to get distracted half way through!

The findings from the survey bring us all great insight into what the expat lifestyle is like all over the world.  Furthermore the findings allow us all to see where in the world expats are better off financially and emotionally, where families enjoy the best lifestyle for example, and where healthcare, the work/life balance and aspects of life such as the cost of living are better.

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Where Brits Want to Live Abroad & Why They Want to Move Overseas

A new survey has revealed that in spite of the royal wedding inspiring us Brits to feel passionate about our national identity, we still yearn for a better life abroad!

Where Brits Want to Live Abroad & Why They Want to Move OverseasOn a day when it’s been hard for any Briton but the most impassioned and extreme anti-royalists to feel anything but pride in their British roots, we’re going to take a look at the latest research which shows where even those of us who do love our mother country would rather live abroad!

Thanks to the insurance giant Aviva we can reveal that more Brits than ever are determined to move overseas sooner rather than later, and that there are very strong and shared reasons for these people wanting to sever at least some of their ties with the UK.

It’s not a case of not wanting to be British or not loving the pomp and ceremony that goes hand in hand with a royal wedding – it’s more to do with the dire state of the UK economy, the bleak outlook for all individuals living in Britain for at least the near-term, and the fact that the weather is so grim and unpredictable at times…

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Addressing Top 10 Expat Worries Part 2

Concluding our examination of the main worries that affect expats living abroad and anyone contemplating moving overseas, we look at how expats can prepare for everything from getting good medical care to ensuring that they have the best standard of living available in their new nation.

Addressing Top 10 Expat Worries Part 2Yesterday we began examining the top 10 concerns affecting expatriates, as highlighted by the 4,100 respondents to the HSBC series of Expat Explorer surveys.  We wanted to tackle the issues head on in a bid to help those living abroad, as well as anyone planning a new life overseas.

The issues covered yesterday were a mix of emotive and practical concerns – from missing family and friends and worrying about establishing a new social network, to getting stressed out about the actual relocation process.  Today’s issues are equally broad, but they really do have an impact on all expats - no matter where in the world they end up living.

As we showed yesterday, there is generally plenty of preparation that a soon-to-be expat can do in advance of their move to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible on all levels.  Read on to discover what worries expats have and how you can overcome them with a little bit of thought, some research and the right attitude!

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Tackling & Overcoming Top 10 Expat Concerns: Part 1

The top 10 expat worries have been identified by HSBC as a part of their Expat Explorer survey – today we tackle them head on in a bid to help expats and would-be expats have as smooth a transition into their new life abroad as possible.

Tackling & Overcoming Top 10 Expat Concerns: Part 1The HSBC Expat Explorer series of surveys have revealed the main worries that would-be expatriates face ahead of a relocation, and the ongoing concerns that expatriates deal with day-to-day once they’ve relocated overseas.

It’s clear from the findings that the issues are relatively evenly balanced between the emotive and the practical – and because they are seemingly shared by so many expats, we thought we’d tackle the top 10 expat concerns in a bid to help all those affected to overcome the worries so that they can settle into a happier life overseas.

From worrying about making friends and fitting in to finding jobs and schools for children, the common concerns expats face can be planned for, worked on, tackled and overcome in the majority of instances.  If you’re struggling to set up your new life for any reason, read on to see if Shelter Offshore can give you the support or guidance you need to overcome the inevitable hurdles that most expats do face when they relocate abroad.

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Three Good Reasons for Affluent Britons to Move Abroad

Have you ever wondered what drives successful Britons to relocate abroad and whether your peers share your own motivations? Well, Lloyds TSB has revealed that its well-off customers want to move for 3 very key, yet common reasons…

Three Good Reasons for Affluent Britons to Move AbroadHave you ever wondered whether others share your reasons for relocation?  Or do you perhaps have very personal reasons for wanting to move abroad?  Many surveys cite everything from the weather to the cost of living as driving Britons overseas, but a recent review of respondents’ motivations by Lloyds TSB reveals exactly what is driving affluent Brits out of UK.

There are three significant reasons behind the dissatisfaction of the 1,000 individuals Lloyds TSB surveyed; and these key concerns are highly likely to be a reflection of how all Britons feel about their nation.  What’s more, these are core issues that the current government needs to think seriously about.

We’ve talked in the recent past about the fact that the UK is potentially facing its biggest brain drain ever – and now Lloyds TSB’s survey has added fuel to the argument and suggested that not only will Britain lose talent, it will lose key wealth too if it does nothing to change the fundamental issues affecting its citizens…

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Overcoming Vulnerability as a New Expat Living Abroad

Expats are very often vulnerable to the less-scrupulous element of society that exists in every nation in the world – we discuss the problem and look for solutions to protect new immigrants worldwide.

Overcoming Vulnerability as a New Expat Living AbroadWhen anyone moves abroad they are quite often fuelled by excitement, and this strong and positive feeling will carry them through early challenges and see them successfully navigate the odd hurdle that they may come across as they initially settle in to their new life overseas.

However, this excitement can open expats up to a vulnerability that they may possibly never have experienced before.  The enthusiasm with which a newly arrived expat embraces the changes in their life and the new experiences they are open to means that they become a very obvious and soft target for the less-scrupulous element of society in their new nation.

This element of society exists in every single nation in the world – and if you’re an innocent, un-worldly-wise, excitable and enthusiastic expat puppy, then you’re exceptionally vulnerable to being ripped off, used and badly treated if you’re not aware of your vulnerability.  This is a sad but fundamentally true fact of expat life…but there are ways you can overcome your vulnerability as a new expat living abroad as we will now show.

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InterNations Proves Expatriates are a ‘Social Group’

If you ever wondered whether expatriates all over the world had anything other than their ‘label’ to define them as a united social group, a new networking site called InterNations proves the cohesion that exists between internationally minded individuals, no matter where in the world they herald from.

InterNations Proves Expatriates are a ‘Social Group’When we started Shelter Offshore many years ago, we were faced with a regular comment that expatriates are not a social group…i.e., they cannot be lumped together under one umbrella based on any demographic criteria. 

For example, expats in Frankfurt are not the same as expats in Sydney, and British expats in Sydney are not the same as Japanese expats in Sydney, and retired expatriate Britons in Australia are not the same as working age Brits Down Under…and so the argument goes on!

As a result we have faced plenty of questions over the years about why we write for expats, and how we actually find the ‘right voice’ to communicate with expats!  What we know - and what we say - is that globally minded individuals, i.e., those who have ever lived abroad, do share a lot of common thoughts, feelings, characteristics and interests…and therein lies absolutely sufficient cohesion to prove that expatriates are a definable ‘social group.’  And now we have even more proof of this fact if it were needed…

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Unrealistic Expectations of Life Abroad in Diary of Returning Expat

A new series in the Telegraph plots the journey of a returning expat who’s failed to fall in love with Australia. It’s controversial stuff, but everyone’s missing the point – it’s not the expat lifestyle that’s the problem, it’s the choice of country. We show how we can all learn from Robert Pickles’ experience of failing to integrate abroad…

Unrealistic Expectations of Life Abroad in Diary of Returning ExpatThe Telegraph is running a series of articles by expat Robert Pickles who’s returning to the UK after a number of years spent ‘living the dream’ in Australia, and his ‘Diary of a Returning Expat’ has caused quite a stir amongst the expatriate community…

Mr. Pickles has dared to admit that he doesn’t actually like Australia – and that he and his partner Alison can’t wait to return to Blighty.  Expats commenting about his diary online are divided in their opinions – some accept that it’s just one man’s take, even if they don’t accept his position; but other commentators have aggressively criticised Mr. Pickles for openly voicing his true feelings about his adopted nation.

‘How can anyone not love Australia – surely that says more about the author than the nation…’ is a common thread amongst those choosing to comment on the diary.  Whatever your opinion, what Mr. Pickles’ diary definitely does do is highlight the fact that many expats have extremely unrealistic expectations of what their adopted nation will be like…but that doesn’t mean they have to return to the UK, it just means they’ve picked the wrong country to emigrate to!

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