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Opening up the property market in Turkey for real estate investors and those seeking a new home in a stunning nation .

According to one Turkish property expert, the news coming from Turkey - and in particular Istanbul – is purely positive in terms of property investor potential. We take a closer look…

Not only is Turkey weathering the global recession well, it has emerged as a low tax country in relative terms: it’s tourism market is strong, and property investments in Turkey offering strong yields are therefore attractive – if you have a SIPP you may want to use it to buy in, says Turkish property expert Graham Flaherty

Directly examining how a would-be buyer of property in Turkey can avoid scams and con artists and secure a good purchase in today’s market

A guide to safely buying a well priced property in Istanbul, poised for maximum profit potential in the form of rental income and capital appreciation

Turkish inheritance law is very complex and not particularly attractive for expats who own property in Turkey, so be careful of it and make a will!

Why to use estate agents to sell your property in Turkey, how to get them motivated and how to protect yourself

Has the global financial crisis put paid to the success of Turkey’s emerging property market? No says the majority of professional opinion!

Istanbul’s appeal as an investment property location is advancing thanks to many base fundamentals which we examine in this report

The principle of reciprocity concept is being reviewed in Turkey to allow Middle Eastern property investors to buy real estate in Turkey

Examining the hidden costs of buying a home abroad in Turkey, Greece and other European favourites where differences in fees are huge