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Vox Urban is a new site dedicated to the best things about property, development and the built and urban environments in the UK and it's of potential interest to expats too.

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Hamptons International have provided Shelter Offshore with their review of the property market conditions in the UAE’s Abu Dhabi where the real estate landscape is perhaps more stable for investment than in Dubai

Renting out your UK home could allow you to cover any mortgage debts on it and free you up to find a new life abroad in your own time with no monetary pressure hanging over you

Moving abroad can costs thousands of pounds, but by selling your UK home yourself with our step by step guide, you could easily save yourself the money necessary to fund your new life abroad!

According to research data from a leading British investments group, over the long-term property in the Eurozone is making British owners wealthy

If you want to sell your property in the UK in order to escape overseas and live out your dream of a new life abroad, here’s how to get your home on the market and flogged in a flash!

Is it still possible to find an affordable property in a popular ski location that you can rent out and profit from or sit on whilst it appreciates in value?

Where can you buy a lovely holiday home in the sun on a budget these days of a weak pound and no property financing? We’ve been abroad to find you a cheap place in the sun!