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North Cyprus and Turkey Should Learn Property Lessons from Spain

Instead of trying to take homes off those who have already invested in property in Turkey and North Cyprus, the governments of those 2 countries should learn from the mistakes made by Spain – which they have now reversed in a bid to bring buyers back to the Spanish real estate economy….

How to Sell Your Property Abroad - 10 Tips

With apparently over half of all those who own a second home abroad wanting to sell up and cash in, we discuss the 10 top tips for selling property overseas in a hurry and for best price..

Where to Buy Cheap Property Abroad in 2011

Whether you follow the cheap flight operators and bid on a property close to an easily accessible European airport, or you look further afield for your real estate bargains, there are indeed affordable property investment opportunities to buy abroad in 2011 - as we reveal….

What to Do if You Can’t Sell Your Property Abroad

If you can’t sell your property abroad, what options are open to you? Could you become a reluctant landlord and rent out your home overseas? Or what about house swapping with someone who wants to live abroad? We explore all your options..

Buying a Property Abroad Safely

Following feedback from readers who have been ripped off when buying property abroad we wanted to produce a no holds barred guide to buying real estate overseas safely – if you’re buying a home away from home, read on to be guided safely.

Is The Time Right for Expats to Invest in UK Property?

With news just in that one of the leading lenders in the UK is now offering better terms to buy-to-let landlords, is it time to buy in to the Great British property market rollercoaster and chance your luck on a property investment in UK?.

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