Living in Turkey

For expats interested in living in Turkey, we introduce all the elements they need to know in advance of relocation

Living in Modern & Fashionable Istanbul

With Istanbul about to host its 2011 shopping extravaganza over 40 days in March and April, we explore some of the attractions and appeal of this exceptionally cosmopolitan, vibrant and advancing city – fancy living in Turkey? Have you thought about living in Istanbul?

Living in Modern & Fashionable IstanbulIf we were to tell you about brand new £170 million pound fashion outlets, 40-day shopping festivals, the world’s most exclusive hotel developments and fresh investment from global business names like Coca-Cola and Ford, you’d probably think we were referring to destinations like Dubai, New York, Paris or London perhaps.

However, fresh from being named European City of Culture in 2010 and winning more business-like accolades from respected PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which reported the city as being the most popular location in Europe for real estate investors, it’s actually Turkey’s Istanbul that we’re about to discuss and which is entering the modern city elite.

Turkey, fast-emerging as an economy of choice for investors, has acted as a suitable catalyst for Istanbul’s advancement, thrusting it under the spotlight as its flagship destination, and in return drawing attention from the fashion world as well as the corporate world.  And if you’re looking for a new place to call home, have you considered living in Istanbul?  It has increasing affluence, culture and vibrancy…and for dynamic individuals it could be a great choice.

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Retire Healthier, Wealthier and Happier in Turkey

Is it possible to find increased happiness, to enjoy better health and have a more affordable cost of living from moving to live in Turkey in retirement? We explore all aspects!

Retire Healthier, Wealthier and Happier in TurkeyTurkey has become a pure lifestyle destination for discerning expatriates who have fallen in love with its stunning landscape and fascinating history and culture, and who have discovered that the cost of living in Turkey can be far cheaper than the cost of living in the UK. 

However, could you retire healthier, wealthier and happier in Turkey?  That’s what this report is designed to help you discover!

We’re going to be exploring everything Turkey has to offer would-be retiree Brits seeking a haven abroad where they can live a comfortable yet affordable life, in a location where there are plenty of opportunities and where other Britons and foreign citizens have already made their home.  If you’re looking for a new place to call home, you want to be outside the expensive and volatile eurozone and you want beautiful weather and affordable real estate – Turkey could be your number one choice after reading this report…

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A Guide to Importing Personal Effects into Turkey

A look at how you go about moving your personal items to Turkey for your new life there…covering household effects and also your pets that will travel with you to live in Turkey

A Guide to Importing Personal Effects into TurkeyFollowing on from a recent enquiry we received from an individual who was hoping to drive their own personal effects into Turkey through a Turkish seaport, we thought we’d put together an article covering what is and is not permissible and possible when it comes to importing your household goods into Turkey for your new life there.

However, even before we begin we need to put a sort of disclaimer in to the mix!  You see, despite what is written and stated on the Turkish government websites, there are always situations you encounter that come out of left field!  You may happen upon a particularly friendly or busy customs official who doesn’t check your goods and you can get away without paying tax due on imported electrical items for example…

At the same time, you may come across an official who is being watched by a superior and therefore has to do the most thorough job ever – which can be upsetting, time consuming and expensive for you!  So, we offer up this guide to importing personal effects into Turkey as a loose document to guide your packing and planning – and really, we would urge you to use a professional removal company with experience of navigating the complexities of import and export on a global scale!

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Brilliant Expat Shopping in Turkey

A guide to where to shop in Istanbul for traditional Turkish wares and fare for expats living in Turkey and visitors to the city

As you would expect from the nation that has an incredible metropolis located on two continents and which is the meeting point for the Islamic east and the Christian west, Turkey offers some spectacular shopping experiences, particularly in Istanbul.

We are not just talking about being able to kit out your property in Turkey at Marks and Spencer, Ikea, Harvey Nichols or Debenhams, which are all present in Turkey, but the ancient bazaars and amazing markets make for brilliant expat shopping in Turkey too. 

So if you’re an expat going to live in Turkey or you are escaping there for a holiday, where are you going to get the real shopping experiences?

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All About Living in Turkey: From Work Permits to Property

Taking a look at some of the basic information would-be expats need to have before they move to live in Turkey

Whilst it’s only a budget airline flight away, Turkey is the meeting point of the modern West and the mystical East, a land where not only cultures but religions meet particularly in the cosmopolitan yet ancient and fascinating city of Istanbul.

Located on the Bosporus Straight, Istanbul is the only city in the world that spans two continents.  With over 30 million tourists taking holidays in Turkey in 2008, it is also one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, and whilst Istanbul has been named the European City of Culture for 2010, expats thinking of living in Turkey should remember that it still is not a part of the European Union, therefore Turkey does not have the same freedom of movement and work acts as European Union countries.

So, before you move to Turkey you will need to contact the Turkish Embassy and check on the current regulations for foreigners who want to live in Turkey.  And in this article we’ll discuss all about living in Turkey for you, covering everything from work permits to property…

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Great News for Expats Living in Didim in Turkey

A new citizens advice service has been set up for expats living in Didim in Turkey and for those wanting to move to Turkey

Great News for Expats Living in Didim in Turkey The latest statistics from TurkSat, the Turkish Statistics Institute, reveal that there has been a steady increase in the numbers of expats going to live in Turkey year on year.  This is hardly surprising when you realise just how good a quality of life is on offer and how affordable the cost of living in Turkey is in relative terms compared to that in the UK and across much of Europe.

However, moving abroad and setting up home in Turkey is quite an adventure – some might call it a tough task – and the real issue is the lack of coherent and consistent information available to would-be expats relating to everything from getting residency permits to the property buying process.

But all that is about to change, and today we have some great news for expats living in Didim in Turkey because a brand new Citizens Advice Bureau style agency has been set up specifically to assist all those moving to the area.

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Essential Healthcare Information for Expats Living in Turkey

A complete guide to getting and affording healthcare when you’re living in Turkey or have a Turkish property that you regularly visit

Essential Healthcare Information for Expats Living in TurkeyOne of the number one concerns for expatriates going to live abroad in a country like Turkey, where there is no reciprocal agreement with the British NHS and where there is a large discrepancy between the quality of infrastructure and services in different locations, is healthcare – both the availability of it and the quality of care.

However, the good news is that for expats in Turkey, there is actually very little to worry about!  In this guide to the essential healthcare information for expats living in Turkey we will explain everything from how the healthcare system works to who should get insurance in place and from whom.

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Living in Turkey to Escape FRED Fears

British retirees are struggling on low pensions and are moving abroad to live in low cost places like Turkey

Starting a Business in Turkey

How to start your own business in Turkey: from initial paperwork to tax returns, what are the realities for expats

Living in Vibrant and Fascinating Istanbul

What's it like living in one of the most exciting cities in the world? Examining living in Istanbul...

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