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All research topics covered for those planning on living in New Zealand - including working, retirement and the cost of living .

There are new and improved reasons to move to New Zealand – including lower taxes and better visa criteria – however, making such a long distance relocation commitment is still a risk so we look at how you can offset it.

A new survey has revealed that expats living in Wellington in New Zealand specifically chose the city for their new life abroad because of the lifestyle on offer and the job prospects available in the city for skilled migrants

The brain drain in New Zealand is now so bad that it has slipped in global competitive rankings – but the government is cutting taxes in a bid to retain and attract talented workers – so skilled Britons now have more reasons to live in New Zealand

If you want to move to a lower tax country where they’re keen to attract skilled and affluent migrants it’s time you took a closer look at New Zealand where taxes are being lowered and more visa classes are becoming available to expats

A first hand account of a British couple’s successful emigration to New Zealand – charting their progress from visa application to complete integration, and offering some expert expat tips along the way to anyone thinking about starting a new life and moving to live and work in New Zealand

Did you know that the cost of living in New Zealand is now higher than in the UK? In this article we look at why local knowledge is so important when moving abroad, and how to gain valuable local insight

The five latest and most positive reasons why New Zealand ranks so highly as a fantastic place to live and work abroad

A Shelter Offshore reader shares her experience of life in New Zealand now that it’s jobs for Kiwis only, and British expatriates are no longer wanted

Is the New Zealand migration dream over for British expatriates as New Zealand kicks out foreign workers in favour of their own?

New Zealand has been ranked as the most peaceful nation in the world, just one more reason to emigrate to live in this stunning country