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Many Britons dream of living in France; we explore the realities of every aspect of expat life across the Channel .

France has recently been hitting the headlines for its popularity as a place to holiday, invest in property, retire and just generally consider as a new destination abroad for a new life abroad – but does it really tick all the expat boxes?

As we continue our mini-series of expats’ integration stories, we hear from one woman who got completely lost in Paris, and who had to abandon her car and take the Metro home proving that settling in and settling down can be tough even if you only pop across the Channel!

Newly proposed tax changes in France could herald a strong exodus of Britain’s wealthier retirees looking for a lower tax country in which to retire abroad…we look at the facts relating to this tax change and how you could perhaps now live in France and pay no wealth tax on your assets

If you’re thinking of moving to live in France, where should you live? A French magazine has reviewed the 96 departments and all the regions and we examine their findings about the best places to live in France.

Are you thinking about starting a brand new life in France? If so, in this report we discuss whether you should take your British car with you and how you go about re-registering it if you decide you’re taking it to France

Taking a look at which expatriates have already made a successful go of a new life living in France and what makes them stay

How you can live the dream by working in the UK and living in France, i.e., how to become a Euro-commuter

Discussing the experiences of expatriate pregnant women who have given birth in France and rate the French system highly

Adding up the savings you could benefit from if you moved to live in France from the UK

Exploring Shelter Offshore’s four favourite French regions for would be expatriates seeking the best place to live France