Living in Dubai

The complete expat guide to living in Dubai, we strive to keep our guides right up to date, please add a comment at the bottom of individual articles if you are aware of any significant changes or if you would like to contribute any valuable information to our readers.

Moving to Live in Dubai

Expats moving to live in Dubai need a residency visa via employment or family sponsorship, we detail the process.

Finance in Dubai

Expats can earn their salary tax-free in Dubai and open a local bank account, but finance in Dubai is complex.

Housing in Dubai

A guide to the property rental process in Dubai and an introduction to favourite expat places to live in Dubai.

Health in Dubai

How to get your health card in Dubai, whether you need private medical insurance and how to stay healthy.

Education in Dubai

An introduction to the education system in Dubai and why most expatriate parents have their children educated at international schools.

Leisure & Lifestyle in Dubai

Expatriates living and working in Dubai have an inimitable lifestyle with an abundance of leisure activities on tap.

Family and Children in Dubai

Sponsoring your spouse and children to live in Dubai; the considerations to cover when moving to Dubai with family.

Laws and Rules in Dubai

A brief guide to the laws and expected standards of decency that expatriates in Dubai need to be aware of.

How to Move to Dubai

A step-by-step guide for anyone who wants move to Dubai covering jobs, housing, visas and relocation to Dubai.

Is Dubai a Place to Work for the Long-Term?

As Saudi and Kuwait plan to cap the amount of time expats can live and work locally, do expatriates living and working in Dubai need to be worried that they will soon have to leave the UAE?.

Expats Living in Dubai Say It Hasn’t Learned Economic Lessons

According to Shelter Offshore readers living and working in Dubai, little has been learned from the economic collapse in the emirate: and now global businesses are shelving plans for investment and development as they do not see achievable returns being possible from Dubai’s current economic position..

Essential Advice for Anyone Moving to Live in Dubai

If you want to make the most of your life in Dubai and avoid falling foul of the UAE’s sometimes draconian laws, Shelter Offshore’s essential guide to traditions, laws and accepted behaviour in Dubai has been written specifically for you!.

Has Life Got Harder for Expats Living in Dubai?

We’ve spoken to some expat readers who are still living and working in Dubai to determine whether life’s harder since the economy faltered, and whether there really has been a backlash against foreign workers….

Why Expats Living in Dubai, UAE Really Need a Will

If you live or work in Dubai or the UAE and you die intestate without having made a will, Sharia Law will come into effect for the distribution of your estate and may mean that only the male members of your family inherit. You have to have a legal will to avoid this untenable situation – we explore the problem and the solutions..

Living in Dubai & Knowing the Rules

A comprehensive guide to the laws and rules in the UAE that expatriates need to know all about before they move to live and work in Dubai – from drugs to drink driving from non-married couples living together to public displays of affection..

Finding a School for Your Children in Dubai

How can you wade through the wealth of educational establishments that are in operation in Dubai to find the right one to provide your child with a quality education at a price you can afford?.

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