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The complete expat guide to living in Dubai, we strive to keep our guides right up to date, please add a comment at the bottom of individual articles if you are aware of any significant changes or if you would like to contribute any valuable information to our readers. .

Your guide to getting jobs in Dubai: from how to find work, negotiate a contract, get an employment visa and sponsorship, and even how to change jobs in Dubai.

Introduction to living and working in Dubai for anyone considering expatriation to the United Arab Emirates

Expats moving to live in Dubai need a residency visa via employment or family sponsorship, we detail the process

How to find employment and secure a job in Dubai, and how the work permit and residency visa process works

Expats can earn their salary tax-free in Dubai and open a local bank account, but finance in Dubai is complex

A guide to the property rental process in Dubai and an introduction to favourite expat places to live in Dubai

How to get your health card in Dubai, whether you need private medical insurance and how to stay healthy

An introduction to the education system in Dubai and why most expatriate parents have their children educated at international schools

Expatriates living and working in Dubai have an inimitable lifestyle with an abundance of leisure activities on tap

Sponsoring your spouse and children to live in Dubai; the considerations to cover when moving to Dubai with family