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Examining expat life living in Cyprus and North Cyprus; discussing the similarities and differences between the two sides of this stunning Mediterranean island .

Want to live in Cyprus? Choose from blackouts and economic bailouts or improving infrastructure and investment.

Nicosia is one of the best places to live in the world if you want the best of all worlds – it offers a high standard of very cosmopolitan, low cost living, job opportunities and broad lifestyle benefits

In this report we examine what life in Paphos - one of the best towns in Cyprus - can offer relocating expatriates of all ages. We show how Paphos is a great place for a high standard of international living abroad

Showcasing the quality of life achievable in Northern Cyprus – as an alternative to the cold daily grind of life in the UK. Focusing on property matters, the employment landscape and of course the standard and cost of living in North Cyprus.

A new, completely comprehensive and knowledgeable guide to Northern Cyprus has been launched, and it comes highly recommended

Now that the Ledra Street barricade has come down what’s it like living in North Cyprus and shopping in South Cyprus?

Examining all the benefits of living in Cyprus in retirement from the financial ones to the climate ones!

Is North Cyprus a good place for retirees? Looking at aspects of moving to live in Northern Cyprus in retirement.

Cyprus is becoming a medical tourism destination and its facilities are excellent which is good for expatriates living in Cyprus

What an expat or holidaymaker needs to know about driving on the roads of Cyprus