Living in Cyprus

Examining expat life living in Cyprus and North Cyprus; discussing the similarities and differences between the two sides of this stunning Mediterranean island

The Trouble with Cyprus: Which Side Should You Choose?

Want to live in Cyprus? Choose from blackouts and economic bailouts or improving infrastructure and investment.

Living in Cyprus

The trouble with Cyprus is that it’s so hard to find anything out about it that hasn’t been tainted by Greek or Turkish propaganda!  The Greeks claim the North is a no-go area, a dump, a scary place…the Turks proclaim it to be a veritable paradise on earth – an untouched, unspoiled Mediterranean gem.

If you then add in the expats’ take on the island you get lots of whinging about the Greeks ripping British pensioners off in the south…and an estate agent’s view is that you couldn’t buy a better priced property anywhere in the world – north or south of the island. 

So where does the truth lie?  Has Southern Cyprus been turned into a ghetto following the munitions dump blast and subsequent power cuts?  Is Northern Cyprus overrun by the Turkish army?  If you want to live in an unarguably stunning part of the world and you’re considering moving to either side of Cyprus, allow us to tell you the truth.

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Living in Nicosia in Cyprus: Cosmopolitan City Life in the Sun

Nicosia is one of the best places to live in the world if you want the best of all worlds – it offers a high standard of very cosmopolitan, low cost living, job opportunities and broad lifestyle benefits

Living in Nicosia in Cyprus: Cosmopolitan City Life in the SunI’m particularly biased about Cyprus, because I love everything the island has to offer – (on both sides of the Green Line) – and of the main towns and resorts on the island, Nicosia has to be my number one choice as a place to live and work in Cyprus.

Living in Nicosia you can enjoy the perfect blend between sophistication and relaxation and between job opportunities and family life.  The city is big enough to offer residents choice in terms of districts to live in, schools to educate your children at, and between shopping malls and restaurants for example – but it is plenty small enough that you can get to know it and feel at home in it within a few weeks.

Nicosia is an exceptionally friendly place to live and work as well, and it’s a very short drive down a very good motorway to beaches galore!  And finally, it has the best of the Mediterranean climate as well!  If you’ve been offered a posting in this fine city or you’re simply looking around and trying to find the best place to live abroad and find work as well as a good life, read on to truly discover Nicosia.

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Living in Paphos: Enjoy Excellent Standard of Living in Cyprus

In this report we examine what life in Paphos - one of the best towns in Cyprus - can offer relocating expatriates of all ages. We show how Paphos is a great place for a high standard of international living abroad

Living in Paphos: Enjoy Excellent Standard of Living in CyprusOne of the main reasons cited by Britons of all ages when they’re asked about why they want to move to live abroad is that they want to achieve a better standard of living.  The weather in the UK, the long average commute times, the fact that Brits work the longest hours and have the shortest holidays in Europe all mean that we want a better way of life when we move abroad.

Having lived and worked in many locations throughout Europe, I can honestly say that for quality of life Cyprus is practically second to none…and of all the locations across Cyprus, Paphos is one of the best towns to choose if you want to get the balance right between your social and your work life options.

Whether you’re planning on relocating in retirement, you have family and children in tow or you’re a couple or a singleton going in search of a brand new and better life abroad, this article will show you how living in Paphos you can enjoy an excellent standard of living.

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Enjoy a Better Life Living in Northern Cyprus

Showcasing the quality of life achievable in Northern Cyprus – as an alternative to the cold daily grind of life in the UK. Focusing on property matters, the employment landscape and of course the standard and cost of living in North Cyprus.

Enjoy a Better Life Living in Northern CyprusThe clocks have sprung forward by an hour in the UK – this usually heralds spring, hopes of warmer weather and perhaps even a balmy summer right?  Wrong.  This year the clocks going forward by an hour were accompanied by the news that snow could be returning to the UK this week, and that we’re not out of the woods when it comes to winter weather just yet!

This is not good news and it just serves to fuel the dreams held by many of us to escape to warmer climes, and enjoy a better quality of life somewhere where we don’t have to centrally heat our homes for 10 months of the year!

Today we’re going to focus on how you can enjoy a better life living in Northern Cyprus.  The nation has a lot stacked up in its favour now that things have settled down on the property front, and relations between North Cyprus and Turkey are said to be at their best level ever thanks to joint policies and a mutual ambition to integrate further into Europe.

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New Comprehensive Online Guide to North Cyprus

A new, completely comprehensive and knowledgeable guide to Northern Cyprus has been launched, and it comes highly recommended

New Comprehensive Online Guide to North CyprusAs you know, we at Shelter Offshore have a soft spot for the entire island of Cyprus and are active in the promotion of the very real lifestyle benefits available to those who choose to live, work or retire to the Cypriot sunshine – so imagine how happy we were when a brand new, comprehensive online guide to North Cyprus was launched!

This site is still in the infancy stages in terms of content population as we write – yet we’ve had a sneak preview of the depth and range of content to be included on Essential Cyprus, and it is impressive.  There is no other resource like it available online or off.  It’s that simple.

The guide will cover every single element of life on the island – from the essentials for expatriates, to the must have information for visitors.  And if you’re looking to know anything at all about what its like to live in North Cyprus, visit the island or make a life for yourself and your family in this Mediterranean paradise, check out this new online guide to North Cyprus and you can even get involved with the site too.

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Living in North Cyprus and Shopping in South Cyprus

Now that the Ledra Street barricade has come down what’s it like living in North Cyprus and shopping in South Cyprus?

Reasons to Retire to Cyprus

Examining all the benefits of living in Cyprus in retirement from the financial ones to the climate ones!

The Realities of Retiring to North Cyprus

Is North Cyprus a good place for retirees? Looking at aspects of moving to live in Northern Cyprus in retirement.

Excellent Medical Care When Living in Cyprus

Cyprus is becoming a medical tourism destination and its facilities are excellent which is good for expatriates living in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus and Driving

What an expat or holidaymaker needs to know about driving on the roads of Cyprus