Living in Canada

Discussing everything important about living in Canada from visas to employment, from education to the expat lifestyle

Pros and Cons of Emigrating to Canada

Canada has recently come out on top of an expatriate survey as a great place to live abroad – so we examine the most up to date pros and cons of emigrating to live and work or retire in Canada.

5 Best Places to Live in Canada for a Better Life Abroad

Examining what’s so good about the recently named top 5 places to live in Canada – helping would-be expatriates find a new place to call home in Canada, a vast and exciting country, rich in prospects and ripe with opportunity….

Good News if You Want to Emigrate to Canada

A leading expert has suggested that Canada could do well to consider massively expanding its immigration policy of welcoming skilled migrants to become expats living in Canada.

Could You be Happier Retiring in Canada?

Canada ticks an awful lot of boxes in terms of its appeal with would-be emigrants from the UK – but in this report we examine what it’s like as a potential candidate for those who want to retire to live in Canada…..

Advice for British People Moving to Canada

Top tips for British people planning their relocation to live, work or retire to Canada – covering everything from visas to banking, building your credit history and deciding where to live in Canada.

Moving to Live in Canada - What to Ship

A detailed look about what and even who to ship to live in Canada with you – how to move pets, how to relocate parents and whether to take that sideboard.

Living Abroad in Canada

An essential guidebook for would-be and brand new expatriates embarking on a new life in Canada.

Retirement in Canada

What it's like to retire to Canada and why Canada tops the polls in terms of quality of life for immigrants.

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