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Hypewave!  Will You Love The Chilly Reality Of Canadian Living

Is Canada really such a wonderful nation to live in as an expatriate, or are there reasons to reconsider relocation?

Living in Canada

It’s important to invite reader feedback when you’re online and don’t have the benefit of face-to-face interaction with those who access your publication.  At Shelter Offshore we have always welcomed and encouraged our readers to get in touch, ask questions and give opinion…but occasionally because of the anonymous nature of emails and forms, we encounter trolls and bullies.

A recent example of this issue was when an expatriate living in Canada contacted us (anonymously) to vent his rage and wrath at having seemingly been ‘duped’ by all the positive hype about Canada.  His was, he said, the most miserable existence because publications like ours had ‘made him believe’ that Canada was a good place to live.

Thanks to his cloak of anonymity and invisibility he felt able to be threatening and aggressive.  Whilst one can dismiss such small people for their unacceptable behaviour, citing suspected sexual dysfunction as reason for their inferiority complexes, we did take on board the fact that Canada has perhaps been mis-sold through being oversold!  So, let’s look at the bad things about living in Canada to balance out our otherwise positive perspective!

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Pros and Cons of Emigrating to Canada

Canada has recently come out on top of an expatriate survey as a great place to live abroad – so we examine the most up to date pros and cons of emigrating to live and work or retire in Canada

Pros and Cons of Emigrating to CanadaIt was announced this week that Canada comes out on top in terms of the best places to live in the world – as rated by the British expatriates who have already made this vast North American nation home, and according to a survey by NatWest International.  To be ranked so highly by so many non-domiciled citizens is exceptionally strong proof that Canada is clearly getting it right on many fundamental levels.

It’s no surprise therefore that Canada is consistently a top 5 choice in terms of the most popular countries with would-be expats from the UK who are looking around and considering their emigration options.  What’s more, Canadian cities regularly grace the top 10 places in global ‘best places to live’ indices – so could Canada be the right choice for you too?

Today we’re going to highlight the main pros and cons of emigrating to and living in Canada, so that you can decide whether the nation ticks all your relocation list boxes.  For extensive coverage of living in Canada and expatriate related information about the nation – view our Canadian article index.

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Going to Live and Work in Canada as a Skilled Migrant: Update

If you’re thinking about starting a new life in Canada, and you’re going to apply for a visa as a skilled migrant, the latest news from the jobs market and immigration department will be of interest and use to you…

Going to Live and Work in Canada as a Skilled Migrant: UpdateIf you’ve decided that 2011 is the year you finally turn your dreams of relocating abroad into reality, and Canada is your destination of choice, this update on the jobs market, employment landscape and changes to immigration rules in Canada is for you.

As a skilled migrant hoping to move to live, work and start a new life in Canada, it’s imperative that you keep abreast of any changes that could impact on you.  As we all know, Canada’s economy has faired far better than America’s or Great Britain’s over the past few years, but the latest job statistics show that some employment sectors are cutting workers.

Depending on your skill set and where you want to work in Canada, it may be time for you to speed up your visa application and get moving before job opportunities dry up.  Alternatively, if you’re hoping to work in some regulated professions in Canada, there is good news relating to skill matching and international qualifications recognition.

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5 Best Places to Live in Canada for a Better Life Abroad

Examining what’s so good about the recently named top 5 places to live in Canada – helping would-be expatriates find a new place to call home in Canada, a vast and exciting country, rich in prospects and ripe with opportunity…

5 Best Places to Live in Canada for a Better Life AbroadCanada is one of the most often considered relocation destinations with Britons who are specifically seeking a new life abroad in a country where they can find work easily, earn a decent income and have a high standard of living.

The nation certainly has more plus points in its favour than it does negative issues, and therefore if you’re a would-be emigrating expatriate actively contemplating Canada as your destination of choice, we can appreciate that you need to narrow down your search and find out where to make a new home abroad in Canada for you and your family.

The nation is vast – and it does represent massive opportunity for immigrants, so using in depth research from Money Sense, Canada’s own personal finance website, we’re going to highlight the 5 best places to live in Canada.  We’ll detail the opportunities on offer in each town or city, and comment on why you might like to live in a given community.

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Australian Expatriate Missing in Canada – You Can Help

Owen Kiernan Rooney is a 24-year-old Australian expatriate missing in Canada since August – please look at his picture and spread the word about this young man and help us find him and bring him home to his family

Australian Expatriate Missing in Canada – You Can HelpOwen Kiernan Rooney is a 24-year-old Australian expatriate who has gone missing in Canada: we are supporting his family and the police as they work hard to find him and bring him home.  You can help us by getting involved in spreading the message about this young man’s disappearance.

Owen was working and travelling around Canada with his sisters Bree and Kelly Rooney when he went missing on August the 14th.  He hasn’t been seen or heard from since, he hasn’t even accessed his credit cards, his bank accounts or his internet accounts such as his Facebook page.

Owen Rooney was assaulted prior to his disappearance and admitted himself to hospital on the 13th of August – however on the 14th of August he walked out of Grand Forks hospital in British Columbia, leaving without his belongings, and he has not been seen or heard from since.  Concern for this young man is currently running very high – and we are urging all our readers, no matter where they are in the world, to get involved in the search for Owen.

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Good News if You Want to Emigrate to Canada

A leading expert has suggested that Canada could do well to consider massively expanding its immigration policy of welcoming skilled migrants to become expats living in Canada

Good News if You Want to Emigrate to CanadaCanada’s immigration policy is world renowned and globally respected – even the UK has realised it could learn a thing or two from the way the Canadian authorities handle and manage migration.  There is an annual cap on skilled migration to Canada for example, there are incentives in place to encourage good distribution of immigrants across the nation, and there are policies in place to support the long-term success of migratory commitment.

This has the effect of attracting good applicants, ensuring the whole of Canada benefits from immigration, and it means that migrants are supported in their transition too and are therefore far more likely to remain and become successfully integrated members of society who contribute positively to it.  Perhaps as an indirect consequence of the overall success of the immigration programme, Canada has survived the global economic financial meltdown far better than many other leading nations recently – such as the US, the UK and Germany for example. 

Whilst Canada has seen economic contraction, it has not boomed and then gone bust and so it remains a very popular choice with would-be expatriates.  If you’ve been thinking about moving abroad and have considered Canada, some good news has been released that could make immigration easier for you.  A leading expert in migration has suggested that Canada needs a lot more expats…

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Could You be Happier Retiring in Canada?

Canada ticks an awful lot of boxes in terms of its appeal with would-be emigrants from the UK – but in this report we examine what it’s like as a potential candidate for those who want to retire to live in Canada….

Could You be Happier Retiring in Canada?Whilst Canada has certainly not been immune to the global financial crisis, it has weathered the storms on the real estate, economic and jobs front far better than either the UK or America…and this naturally has a knock on effect in terms of public feeling in the country.  Proof of this has been delivered in the form of a survey conducted by the 6th largest bank in North America, which found that on the whole over 70% of those who have chosen to retire in Canada find that life is exactly how they planned it to be.

Monetary concerns are not uppermost in a retired Canadian’s mind it seems – and naturally enough, lack of such a significant worry can go a very long way towards happiness.  So, could you be happier retiring in Canada?

If you’re looking for a decent standard of living for a fair price, a laid back yet sophisticated country, a place where you can grow old gracefully and with dignity, a nation with lively towns and cities and plenty of stunning natural attractions – then yes, Canada could be the right choice for you.  In this report we explore all the things Canada has in its favour as an emigration destination for Britons.

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Is Canada the Best Place in the World for Expats to Live?

Could Canada be the one country in the world where you can find the best quality of life, an improved lifestyle and lots of local friends? According to a new survey that’s just what you’ll find in Canada…

Is Canada the Best Place in the World for Expats to Live?Canada probably only features on Shelter Offshore because I want to live there!  I have to be honest here, when selecting the nations to feature on the site bask at its inception, Canada was certainly slipped into the mix because I am very positively biased towards it having spent one fantastic summer of my life there…

So imagine my joy when Canada came out firmly on top of the list of 26 nations investigated by HSBC International as potential top expat destinations around the world.  The 26 countries chosen for closer inspection are all strong expatriate contenders such as the UK, USA, France, Singapore and Hong Kong – and out of all the criteria each nation was assessed on, Canada came out with the highest overall score as the top expat location for lifestyle reasons.

So, is Canada the best place in the world for expats to live?  It would certainly appear so!  In this report we’re going to focus on the positive reasons for perhaps considering Canada as your new home abroad if you’re looking for a fantastic place to live and settle overseas.

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Advice for British People Moving to Canada

Top tips for British people planning their relocation to live, work or retire to Canada – covering everything from visas to banking, building your credit history and deciding where to live in Canada

Advice for British People Moving to CanadaMoving abroad to live, work or retire to another country can be both exciting and significantly scary all at the same time!  After all, emigration is not your typical short holiday abroad is it, and relocation is a huge decision - one that no doubt will have had a huge amount of thought put into it even before you get to the practical planning stages.

Therefore, if you’re seriously thinking about moving to live in Canada specifically for example, we’ve produced the following guide for you, with the help of Global Visas.  It contains advice that is pertinent for British people moving to Canada, but it also contains some generic top tips for anyone thinking about moving anywhere abroad!

We appreciate that planning a relocation is a massive undertaking, so we hope that the following wisdom and advice will truly help you to make your move a successful and a smooth one.

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Can’t Afford to Expatriate? You Can if You Escape to Canada!

If you thought you couldn’t now afford to move abroad, you may find the value of your pound goes far further if you expatriate to Canada

With the British pound having been bashed into submission by the US dollar and the euro thanks to the dire state of the British economy and the lack of international confidence in the UK, some Britons who have wanted to leave Great Britain have been scuppered in their planning because of lack of affordability.

However, if you thought you couldn’t afford to expatriate, you need to know that you probably can if you consider escaping to Canada.  According to currency experts, the value of the Canadian dollar in relation to the pound has not increased dramatically, therefore Canada still remains an affordable possibility for expatriating Britons.

What’s more, the cost of property in Canada has fallen in real terms, and instead of this loss of value being written off for Brits because of the loss in value in terms of the pound’s buying power, in Canada we Brits can still bag a property bargain.

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