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From the cost of living in Belize to what expatriate life is really like in this stunning Central American nation .

If you want to live tax-free in a stunning Caribbean paradise, the Belize retired persons incentive program might be ideal…

The second part of our close up review of Belize and what you can expect if you move to live, work or retire to this beautiful Central American country.

The first part of our a to z guide all about elements and aspects of living in Belize - so that a would-be expatriate can get to know the lay of the land before deciding upon relocation

If most retirees or expats could have one dream it would be the combined ‘wealthier, happier’ dream achieved by moving to a paradise on earth – and as we will show, you can potentially achieve everything your heart desires by living in Belize

Have you ever considered the tax-free paradise that is Belize to be your new home from home abroad? This stunning, sophisticated, affordable dream country has all the elements stacked in its favour and is worthy of your closer inspection!

Covering the three main options you have of establishing permanent residence in Belize in retirement or even early retirement!

Taking a look at the character traits and similarities that the expatriates who love living in Belize share

Exploring the inimitable benefits of the Belize retired persons’ incentive programme that allows people over the age of 45 to live tax free in Belize

How to deal with living in Belize on Belizean time and relaxing about the slower pace of life you are now living

Looking at the reasons to love or hate living in Belize as an expatriate