Living in Belize

From the cost of living in Belize to what expatriate life is really like in this stunning Central American nation

How You Can Benefit Most From Belize’s Expat Retirement Scheme

If you want to live tax-free in a stunning Caribbean paradise, the Belize retired persons incentive program might be ideal…

Retire to Belize

Belize has long been on the radar for American citizens looking for a new place to live abroad.  It ticks many boxes for them as it’s accessible easily, swiftly and relatively cheaply, they speak English in Belize and because the cost of living is low whilst the standard of living can be high.

Belize has not been on the radar for many Britons however, in part because it’s just so tricky to get to from the UK!  We want to introduce you to the benefits of the nation however, and talk about recent developments that may affect the tax-friendly Belize Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Program (QRP for short).

If you’re over the age of 45 you can potentially benefit from the many advantages of this program.  But despite how simple it appears to be to apply and benefit, those living in Belize under the scheme have some complaints!  Equally, some choosing the scheme as a means to enter Belize and live tax-free are allegedly flouting the rules of this already generous program…which could affect its future.

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A-Z Guide to Living in Belize Part 2

The second part of our close up review of Belize and what you can expect if you move to live, work or retire to this beautiful Central American country.

A-Z Guide to Living in Belize Part 2Because Belize is not such a common retirement or relocation destination choice for Britons, we have already produced the first part of a guide to Belize covering everything from the weather to the currency used, and today we’re going to finish off our a – z with an even closer look at what it’s like living in Belize.

Belize is a former British colony – and to this day it remains a member of the British Commonwealth, so it really does make sense for us Brits to consider it as an alternative home country.  After all, there are ways you can legitimately live in Belize 100% income tax-free, what’s more because of the sub tropical nature of the climate there, it never gets cold!  Well, not by British standards anyway!

So if you’re looking for an alternative relocation destination where the cost of living is affordable and the way of life is fantastically laid back, where you can enjoy the sophistication of a big city or the beach-bum lifestyle of an island hopper, Belize offers it all.

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A-Z Guide to Living in Belize Part 1

The first part of our a to z guide all about elements and aspects of living in Belize - so that a would-be expatriate can get to know the lay of the land before deciding upon relocation

A-Z Guide to Living in Belize Part 1Despite the fact that Belize was a British colony from 1862 until 1981 and is still an independent member of the British Commonwealth to this day, we Britons know very little about this tropical paradise.  Yet Belize can offer retiring Brits a tax-free place to live, and it can give anyone looking for a laid back and affordable life a very good standard of living.

So we have decided to create an A – Z guide to living in Belize, covering the main elements you may wish to know about as you do your research into whether former British Honduras could serve you well as a new destination to live, work or retire to abroad.  This guide will cover many of the basic questions you have about everything from Internet access to healthcare, and should serve as a lead in to more detailed research of this really fascinating country.

If you’re looking for a new place to live, where the weather is tropical, the landscape is beautiful, the people are welcoming and the cost of living in low, Belize could tick many of the boxes on your new nation wish list.  But if you want to fill in the blanks in terms of your knowledge about this country, read on…

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Retire Wealthier and Happier in Belize

If most retirees or expats could have one dream it would be the combined ‘wealthier, happier’ dream achieved by moving to a paradise on earth – and as we will show, you can potentially achieve everything your heart desires by living in Belize

Retire Wealthier and Happier in BelizeIf there was such a thing as a universally common goal, I think retiring wealthier and happier would be closer to the shared dream than even world peace!  So, what if I were to tell you that you can potentially retire wealthier and happier in Belize?  Wouldn’t you be intrigued to learn just a little bit more?

Well, the fact of that matter is, Belize is a real opportunity for British, American and Western European retirees and PTs (private thinkers, perpetual travellers…) alike.  It offers a handsome tax-free incentive programme for qualifying individuals, it offers a mixed landscape and cultural backdrop where you as an individual can find your preferred place, and it’s a nation where English is widely spoken.

If the thoughts of currency fluctuations, a weak economy, cold weather and social breakdown are the stuff of nightmares for you as you approach retirement or as you seek a way forward in life, making a well prepared and planned move to Belize could be the tonic you’re after.  In this report we will lay out everything that Belize has in its favour – and show you why this lesser discovered destination could be your perfect hideaway.

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Imagine Your New Life Living in Belize

Have you ever considered the tax-free paradise that is Belize to be your new home from home abroad? This stunning, sophisticated, affordable dream country has all the elements stacked in its favour and is worthy of your closer inspection!

Imagine Your New Life Living in BelizeBelize is a country that ticks an awful lot of boxes on a would-be expatriate’s list of ‘desirable attributes.’  For example, it’s just so damn stunning - you have paradise beaches: deserted, white sand, palm fringed – you know, the sort that dreams are made of!  Then there’s the ocean – deep azure blue, warm, gentle and home to amazing reefs and abundant and fascinating wildlife…

You’re surrounded by rainforests and thriving and bustling towns; you’re sharing the nation with the likes of Jaguar, Keel-Billed Toucan, Baird’s Tapir, Black Howler Monkeys, Red Eyed Tree Frogs and perhaps the most visually striking bird in the world, the Scarlet Macaw.  What’s more, Belize manages to match and marry sufficient sophistication with fair quantities of laidback charm to create an unrivalled place to live.

Can you imagine your new life living in Belize?  You could sunbathe on your own terrace overlooking the lush flora of the tropical landscape, wander down to the beach and snorkel away an hour marvelling at the magic beneath the waves of the Caribbean, before taking a stroll back through town and eating some of the freshest, most delicious seafood in the world, and sharing a glass of something potent with your new found friends – all of whom speak English!  Sounds pretty dream-like doesn’t it?  Well, read on to discover how your life could dramatically improve if you moved to live in Belize!

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All About Retiring in Belize

Covering the three main options you have of establishing permanent residence in Belize in retirement or even early retirement!

All About Retiring in BelizePreviously known as British Honduras, Belize lies on the east coast of Central America in the heart of the Caribbean Basin.  Bordered on the north by Mexico, the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea, Belize is an English speaking sub tropical country of 200,000 people, with the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.

With an average temperature of 26 degrees centigrade and sea temperatures around 30 degrees centigrade, with brisk prevailing winds off the Caribbean Sea to cool the country, Belize is a Mecca for divers and bird watchers and really can be described as a paradise, it is possible to retire in Belize quite easily.

In this article we are all about retiring in Belize!

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Which Expats Make a Success of Living in Belize

Taking a look at the character traits and similarities that the expatriates who love living in Belize share

Guide to Living in BelizeWe touched upon what makes a good expatriate employee yesterday in our article ‘Most Important Attributes to Have When Seeking Work Abroad,’ and this inspired us to thinking in general about what makes expatriates successful and which types of people fail to establish themselves overseas.

Many nations have inbuilt support networks for expats – think of Spain with its intense concentration of international citizens and a place like Dubai for instance, where the population is largely foreign – both are nations where it is much easier for a foreigner to set up and make a home successfully.

When it comes to a country like Belize however, things are very different.  Whilst there are those who have gone before you and made a home for themselves in this tropical paradise, there are not the support networks in place to make your move such a smooth and easy one.  So, in this article we’ll look at which expats make a success of living in Belize and which don’t.  The advice and findings are pertinent for any would-be expat moving anywhere really, but they are also extremely pertinent for anyone moving to live abroad in a less well-known location such as Belize.

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Benefits of the Belize Retired Persons’ Incentive Programme

Exploring the inimitable benefits of the Belize retired persons’ incentive programme that allows people over the age of 45 to live tax free in Belize

The Concept of Time When Living in Belize

How to deal with living in Belize on Belizean time and relaxing about the slower pace of life you are now living

What Brits Living in Belize Love and Hate

Looking at the reasons to love or hate living in Belize as an expatriate

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