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If you’re interested in living in Australia you’ll find plenty of articles and advice on what expats can expect from a new life Down Under .

It’s no secret that thousands of Britons would love to secure the dream of living abroad by finding well-paying work in a stunning nation – we reveal how that’s now possible by introducing readers to the job opportunities available in Western Australia.

It’s been revealed that there is over a 2-year backlog of skilled migrant visa applications in Australia – so we reveal how you can beat the delay and get your visa application to the front of the queue…

If you’re thinking about emigrating ‘Down Under,’ have you thought about living and working in Canberra where unemployment is still low, and where families can have a good quality of life? If so, we explore the best places to live in Canberra in Australia for you.

5 ways you can integrate and 5 ways you can alienate yourself as an expatriate living in Australia – straight from Aussies’ mouths we reveal what makes a Briton a good Australian citizen and why some immigrants from the UK are really whinging poms.

Apparently up to 75% of Britons have thought about moving abroad, with Australia the most popular destination – here we look at whether relocation Down Under is still so favourable and even possible in the face of the ongoing global economic mess

Australia is still one of the favourite choices with those seeking a new, better, happier and more enjoyable life abroad – so here’s how to make the move work for you – from planning to visas, from the practicalities of the move to the euphoria you will feel 6 months after when you’re living the Australian way of life!

Taking a look at why Australia’s immigration figures are booming, why it’s so popular with British expatriates and what it takes to move to live a successful new life ‘down under’ (with gratuitous slagging off of a recent TV series)

The living in Australia study looks at all aspects of an Australian’s quality of life and is valuable research for expatriates

An introduction to life in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Covering leisure, education and employment for expatriates living in Canberra

Detailed exploration of the skilled visa route to emigrate to Australia for would-be expats wanting to live and work in Australia