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Secret to Securing Dream of Living Abroad

It’s no secret that thousands of Britons would love to secure the dream of living abroad by finding well-paying work in a stunning nation – we reveal how that’s now possible by introducing readers to the job opportunities available in Western Australia.

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According to the editor of Eurograduate, an online career guide and job website for graduates: “as redundancies rise and workers take pay cuts [in the UK], there seems to be a growing feeling that they can find better opportunities abroad.”

This sentiment is backed up by the statistics that 1 in 4 Britons would like to move overseas for work reasons, that we revealed in an earlier article about escaping UK and finding jobs abroad.

However, there is a massive gulf between simply wanting to work overseas for a better life, and actually securing the dream of living abroad by finding a well-paying job in a sustainable economic area.  The good news is that we have found the secret that will enable hundreds of skilled workers to secure employment in one of the most desirable countries in the world.  So, if you’re dreaming of living abroad, read on to discover the path to your wonderful new life…

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Emigrating to Australia? Beat the Skilled Migrant Visa Backlog

It’s been revealed that there is over a 2-year backlog of skilled migrant visa applications in Australia – so we reveal how you can beat the delay and get your visa application to the front of the queue…

Emigrating to Australia? Beat the Skilled Migrant Visa Backlog?Anyone interested in emigrating to Australia and starting a new life ‘down under’ will be concerned to learn that there is a severe backlog of applications from skilled migrants for residency visas.  Those with their applications in the system will be acutely aware that it’s a time consuming process, but it’s just been announced that there is over a 2-year backlog of applications waiting to be processed.

Australia’s economy has weathered the global economic storm well – so far.  In part this is because of its natural resources, mining activity and exports to China.  According to many sources, Australia now has a skills shortage as a result – however, you wouldn’t necessarily know that if you heard that there are over 140,000 applications from skilled individuals sitting on the shelf of the immigration department.

The fact of the matter is, Australia is not out of the woods yet economically speaking, there is talk that it has yet to face its day of fiscal reckoning.  Therefore it’s no surprise that the government is being cautious about who it lets in, and how many migrants in total it allows to have a residency visa each year.  If you’re dead set on moving to live and work in Australia though, don’t panic because we have some top tips to help you beat the skilled migrant visa backlog.

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Living in Canberra, Australia and Finding a Home

If you’re thinking about emigrating ‘Down Under,’ have you thought about living and working in Canberra where unemployment is still low, and where families can have a good quality of life? If so, we explore the best places to live in Canberra in Australia for you.

Living in Canberra, Australia and Finding a HomeAustralia is a number one choice with expatriating Britons looking for the perfect blend of sun, sea, lifestyle and opportunity.  When anyone contemplates a relocation however, they’re much more likely to consider Brisbane, Sydney or even Perth before they will consider the country’s capital of Canberra.

If you’ve never even thought about living in Canberra in Australia, it does have a lot of plus points in its favour over even the most popular expat destinations, and in this report we’re going to be exploring where you could make a new home from home in this particularly sunny part of the country.

Thanks to local knowledge supplied by Kat Parr Mackintosh from, we’ll bring you the pros and cons of living in Canberra, and where expats could consider setting up home in this cosmopolitan city.

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How to Integrate into Australian Way of Life

5 ways you can integrate and 5 ways you can alienate yourself as an expatriate living in Australia – straight from Aussies’ mouths we reveal what makes a Briton a good Australian citizen and why some immigrants from the UK are really whinging poms.

How to Integrate into Australian Way of LifeAustralia has officially knocked all other nations off the number one spot in terms of being the best country in the world to live in – so say the findings of the NatWest International Quality of Life Index 2010 anyway!

So popular is Australia proving to be with Britons desperate to escape the immigration policy, climate and economic woes in the UK that apparently 1 in 10 people living in Brisbane is now of British origin for example!

However, many Aussies have issue with us Poms – and so we thought we’d speak to some native Australians and find out directly from them what a British expat has to do to successfully integrate into life in Australia.  If you’re contemplating emigration or you’ve already made the move and are trying to settle in to your new life Down Under, what do you need to know and do to ensure you’re welcome and accepted rather than resented and ridiculed!

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Wish You Were Living in Australia?  How to Emigrate…

Apparently up to 75% of Britons have thought about moving abroad, with Australia the most popular destination – here we look at whether relocation Down Under is still so favourable and even possible in the face of the ongoing global economic mess

Wish You Were Living in Australia?  How to Emigrate…A new survey has revealed that up to a third of all Britons who have actively considered moving abroad have Australia in their sights.  It seems the dream of a new life Down Under is very much alive and kicking in Britain, and if the statistics quoted by this new study are accurate, demand for emigration visas for relocation to Australia could soon be in even greater demand.

The survey conducted by Currency UK found that 75% of those questioned had considered moving abroad, and that Australia was the most popular country under consideration.  So, do you wish you were living in Australia now that Britain has a hung parliament and is bailing out foreign economies despite being practically bankrupt itself?  In this report we’re going to show you how to emigrate!

From discussing the practical aspects of applying for a visa, to speaking openly about the employment and economic situation in Australia right now, we’ll cover all the bases so that if you are contemplating a relocation, Australia could become a reality for you and your family.  Remember, never give up on your dream of a new life abroad – just start planning to make it happen.

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How to Plan to Live in Australia

Australia is still one of the favourite choices with those seeking a new, better, happier and more enjoyable life abroad – so here’s how to make the move work for you – from planning to visas, from the practicalities of the move to the euphoria you will feel 6 months after when you’re living the Australian way of life!

How to Plan to Live in AustraliaOne country that we had to actually fight hard not to include in our top 5 happiest countries to live in abroad index was Australia.  You see, Australia is such an obvious choice and the point of the happiness article was about introducing our readers to new potential nations to consider for a move abroad…

That said, we can’t ignore the fact that Australia is one of the most popular choices with people from all over the world who are going abroad in search of a better life.  It is considered the new world of opportunity with its wonderful standard of living, it’s stunning climate, its incredible beaches, fun people and really excellent quality of life.

If you’ve plumped for Australia already – or you’re really keen to emigrate to live in Australia and are still in the preparation stages – please allow us to help and guide you.  This report is all about how to plan to live in Australia.  It details what you can expect from life Down Under, how you can make preparations ahead of your move; we also touch on visas to relocate, and what you can expect when you make the move and are finally living in Australia.

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Everyone’s Moving to Live in Australia!

Taking a look at why Australia’s immigration figures are booming, why it’s so popular with British expatriates and what it takes to move to live a successful new life ‘down under’ (with gratuitous slagging off of a recent TV series)

Everyone’s Moving to Live in Australia!Australia is witnessing an immigration boom apparently!  In figures recently released relating to the rate at which the population ‘down under’ is expanding it seems that not for fifty years has Australia experienced quite such an expansion in terms of its population’s size!  So, everyone’s moving to live in Australia…

In this article we’re going to take a look at just what Australia has in its favour at the current time if you’re thinking of expatriating to live abroad, why it is proving so popular now, and furthermore we’ll examine what the latest population growth figures actually mean for the nation and for those hoping to move to live there in the near-term.

Whilst we’re already well aware of just how popular Australia is with emigrating Britons, what has changed recently to make it a number one choice for migration, and if everyone is moving to Australia, how much room does it have left for the likes of you and me?

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How the Living in Australia Study Helps Expats

The living in Australia study looks at all aspects of an Australian’s quality of life and is valuable research for expatriates

In 2001 a study was begun called the Living in Australia study, it’s sometimes referred to in the press as the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics study (HILDA).

Thousands of families and individuals are contacted and questioned about life in Australia each year, including questions about their employment, family relationships, education and wellbeing. 

Information from this study has been used in many publications and has received extensive media coverage, but it also has some interesting information for expats who want to live in Australia.

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Living in Australia Exploring Canberra

An introduction to life in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Covering leisure, education and employment for expatriates living in Canberra

Living in Australia Exploring Canberra Ask anyone thinking of living in Australia to tell you the name of the nation’s capital city and chances are they’ll tell you that it’s Sydney.  Well it’s not!  For those wishing to emigrate to Australia you need to brush up on your facts, the capital city is Canberra!  It’s a bustling city of 336,000 inhabitants set in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounded by New South Wales.  Canberra is 150 kilometres inland from the pacific ocean, and just a 3 hour drive from Sydney, 2 ½ hours from Australia’s snow fields and a couple of hours from some of Australia’s best beaches.

So what’s the attraction for expats wanting to emigrate to Australia?  Why are they going to choose Canberra as their place to live down under?

Most importantly for expats emigrating to Australia, Canberra boasts one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the nation, with the median figure consistently under 3%.  Put that beside the fact that workers in Canberra receive the highest average wages and employers are crying out for skilled and professional labour, and you can see why so many expats relocating to Australia choose Canberra as their final destination.

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Emigrating to Australia - The Skilled Visa Route

Detailed exploration of the skilled visa route to emigrate to Australia for would-be expats wanting to live and work in Australia

Emigrating to Australia – The Skilled Visa RouteThe introduction of a rigid and structured points system has made emigrating to Australia far more difficult than back in the days of the “ten pound pom” when a desperate government would allow any reasonably healthy, criminally unhindered European to enter Oz with a view to starting a new life in Australia.

Now, anyone between the ages of 18-45 can live and work in Australia providing they can accumulate enough points to get a visa.  Points are allocated according to occupation, age and proficiency in English for example.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics census of 2006, 24% of the Australian population were born outside of Australia; the largest group of 1,153,264 having been born in the British Isles, but if you don’t get the required points you won’t be emigrating to Australia!

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