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Anyone looking for a new nation to call home needs to look beyond potentially positive economic indicators as nowhere has really been immune from the global financial fall out, rather expats are urged to bank on themselves when dreaming of a successful new life abroad.

New findings from the Office for National Statistics reveal that fewer Britons are moving abroad – so we got back in touch with would-be expat readers to see whether their plans for relocation overseas have changed, and if so why. Read on to discover why fewer Britons are emigrating…

The most expansive expatriate survey is back and it wants to hear from you. If you’re living abroad then HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey will benefit from your time and effort in filling it in and providing data about your life as an expatriate living overseas – what’s more, fellow expats and would-be expats will benefit from the final findings that reveal where the best places to live abroad are for lifestyle, families and finances

A new survey has revealed that in spite of the royal wedding inspiring us Brits to feel passionate about our national identity, we still yearn for a better life abroad!

Concluding our examination of the main worries that affect expats living abroad and anyone contemplating moving overseas, we look at how expats can prepare for everything from getting good medical care to ensuring that they have the best standard of living available in their new nation.

The top 10 expat worries have been identified by HSBC as a part of their Expat Explorer survey – today we tackle them head on in a bid to help expats and would-be expats have as smooth a transition into their new life abroad as possible.

Have you ever wondered what drives successful Britons to relocate abroad and whether your peers share your own motivations? Well, Lloyds TSB has revealed that its well-off customers want to move for 3 very key, yet common reasons…

Expats are very often vulnerable to the less-scrupulous element of society that exists in every nation in the world – we discuss the problem and look for solutions to protect new immigrants worldwide.

If you ever wondered whether expatriates all over the world had anything other than their ‘label’ to define them as a united social group, a new networking site called InterNations proves the cohesion that exists between internationally minded individuals, no matter where in the world they herald from.

A new series in the Telegraph plots the journey of a returning expat who’s failed to fall in love with Australia. It’s controversial stuff, but everyone’s missing the point – it’s not the expat lifestyle that’s the problem, it’s the choice of country. We show how we can all learn from Robert Pickles’ experience of failing to integrate abroad…