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February 9, 2016

Your guide to getting jobs in Dubai: from how to find work, negotiate a contract, get an employment visa and sponsorship, and even how to change jobs in Dubai.


Have you ever wondered whether you could benefit from an offshore bank account? Many expats can and do benefit - here we look at the benefits of banking offshore for expats.

We review an expatriate magazine's choice of the best 3 places to retire abroad, and give you a checklist to help you choose the best place for your retirement overseas.

Expats can now access award winning investment and fund management services thanks to a partnership between Abbey Wealth and Tilney Best Invest.

Leading expatriate financial brokerage Abbey Wealth is about to launch its newly rebranded website and service offering: we review the company and its solutions.

There are barriers to affording a move abroad and one of them is paying for expatriate health insurance: here are tips for reducing your premiums.

Could you be one of the lucky expats who qualifies for tax free living in the Seychelles? Or would you have to pay the Seychelles flat tax on personal income?

Anguilla levies a 3% flat rate of personal income tax and is otherwise a tax haven with a stunning climate and amazing Caribbean lifestyle.

Exposing the truth about the benefits of saving and investing offshore, and identifying who can benefit from going offshore.

What are the benefits of banking and incorporating a company offshore, and what's the one warning you need to heed before you commit?

Shelter Offshore's ultimate top 10 places to live abroad listing, and how to compile your own relocation shortlist.